Margaret St. Clair

(1911 - 1995)

aka Idris Seabright
Anthologies containing stories by Margaret St. Clair
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Short stories
The Family
Hathor's Pets
The Invested Libido
The Listening Child
New Ritual
The Nuse Man
The Pillows
Shore Leave
Wryneck, Draw Me
The Perfectionist (1946)
Aleph Sub One (1948)
Child of Void (1949)
The Gardener (1949)
Idris' Pig (1949)
The Boy Who Predicted Earthquakes (1950)
The Everlasting Food (1950)
Age of Prophecy (1951)
Brightness Falls from the Air (1951)
The Little Red Owl (1951)
The Man Who Sold Rope to the Gnoles (1951)
Marriage Manual (1951)
Then Fly Our Greetings (1951)
The Causes (1952) (as by Idris Seabright)
An Egg a Month from All Over (1952) (as by Idris Seabright)
Horrer Howce (1952)
The Island of the Hands (1952)
Prott (1952)
The Altruists (1953)
The Goddess on the Street Corner (1953)
Thirsty God (1953)
Brenda (1954)
The Rages (1954)
Short in the Chest (1954) (as by Idris Seabright)
Asking (1955)
Change the Sky [short story] (1955)
Fort Iron (1955)
Lazarus (1955)
Beaulieu (1957)
The Death of Each Day (1957)
The Wines of Earth (1957) (as by Idris Seabright)
Graveyard Shift (1959)
The House in Bel Aire (1961)
An Old-Fashioned Bird Christmas (1961)
Stawdust (1961)
Roberta (1962)