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Alyssa Maxwell began a love affair with the city of Newport while visiting friends there back in her high school days. Time and again the cobbled lanes and harbor side, gas lit neighborhoods drew her to return, and on one of those later visits she met the man who would become her husband. Always a lover of history, Alyssa found that marrying into a large, generation sold Newport family opened up an exciting new world of historical discovery. From the graveyards whose earliest markers read from the seventeenth century, to original colonial houses still lived in today, to the Newport Artillery Company whose curator for many years was her husbands grandfather, Newport became a place of fascination and romantic charm.
Today, Maxwell and her husband reside beneath the palms and bright skies of Florida, but part of her heart remains firmly in that small New England city of great significance, a microcosm of American history spanning from before the Revolution through the Civil War, the Industrial Age, the Gilded Age, and beyond.

Genres: Historical Mystery
New and upcoming books
Gilded Newport Mystery
   1. Murder at the Breakers (2014)
   2. Murder at Marble House (2014)
   3. Murder at Beechwood (2015)
   4. Murder at Rough Point (2016)
   5. Murder at Chateau sur Mer (2017)
   6. Murder at Ochre Court (2018)
   7. Murder at Crossways (2019)
   8. Murder at Kingscote (2020)
   9. Murder at Wakehurst (2021)
   10. Murder at Beacon Rock (2022)
   11. Murder at the Elms (2023)
   12. Murder at Vinland (2024)
Lady and Lady's Maid
   1. Murder Most Malicious (2015)
   2. A Pinch of Poison (2016)
   3. A Devious Death (2017)
   4. A Murderous Marriage (2019)
   5. A Silent Stabbing (2020)
   6. A Sinister Service (2021)
   7. A Deadly Endowment (2021)
   8. A Fashionable Fatality (2023)
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Under the Paper Moon (2024)
Shaina Steinberg
"WWII has ended but treachery lingers in the most unlikely places in this suspenseful mystery featuring a daredevil pair who thrive on danger, adventure, and each other. A fabulous debut!"
Death in the Details (2024)
Katie Tietjen
"You'll admire sleuth Maple Bishop for her intelligence and remarkable eye for detail. You'll love her for her determination and refusal to take no for an answer! A delightful start to an exciting new historical series!"
Front Page Murder (2022)
(Homefront News Mystery, book 1)
Joyce St Anthony
"Wartime intrigue, small town charm, and a savvy sleuth who's not afraid to take charge, no matter what the men around her think, make this a highly entertaining and exciting series debut!"

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