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Kelly Harms is the author of The Good Luck Girls of Shipwreck Lane, published by Thomas Dunne in the summer of 2013. She has also worked with New York Times and USA Today bestselling authors, Edgar, RITA, and Agatha award winners, and Indie Next List Picks in her time as an editor at a division of HarperCollins and later as an agent at the Jane Rotrosen Agency. She lives in Madison, Wisconsin with her adorable and sometimes imperious toddler Griffin.

Genres: General Fiction, Romance

Kelly Harms recommends
The Simplicity of Cider (2017)
Amy E Reichert
"With a dreamy setting and lovable characters, The Simplicity of Cider is so good you can practically taste it. Read it in the shade of an apple tree, near a perfectly dry bottle of cider, or wherever--just read it!"
The Kids Are Gonna Ask (2019)
Gretchen Anthony
"Gretchen Anthony's The Kids Are Gonna Ask is a smart, engaging send-up of our modern age wrapped up in a story too delicious to put down. With a lovable matriarch, a pair of insightful kids, a spot-on villain and even a ghost or two for good measure, plan to get totally sucked in to the tweets, texts, and podcasts that pepper this funny, heartfelt exploration of what makes us who we are."
This Won't End Well (2020)
Camille Pagán
"Never has a quirky lead character been so lovable or well drawn as Annie, the lovelorn chemist who carries This Won’t End Well. Though she pretends to be closed off to the world, in fact she can’t stop caring—and that push-pull of who to let into her life, and under what terms, is something we all understand at a soul-deep level. Annie’s journey from oblivious in love to aware and empowered had me cheering and turning the pages madly, unable to tear myself away. If you want to laugh and lose yourself in a great read, this is the one for you!"
The Lending Library (2020)
Aliza Fogelson
"In The Lending Library, Aliza Fogelson has created a world in which we’d all want to spend a quiet hour or two: a sunny spot chock full of hand-picked books, good neighbors and family with the very best of intentions—and the most unpredictable of results. This tale full of heart, yearning, and romance is perfect for the dreamy bookworm in all of us."
A Borrowed LIfe (2020)
Kerry Anne King
"Watching Liz Lightsey come back to life after years of letting her identity slide away is a treat. A Borrowed Life shows Kerry Anne King at her empathetic best, writing a tale of passion, meaning, and growth at any age, and leaving this reader touched and delighted!"
The Wife Upstairs (2021)
Rachel Hawkins
"The Wife Upstairs is everything I'd hoped--sharp, smart, tricky and fast-paced. Rachel Hawkins' debut thriller puts you in the steps of an outsider, an insider, and an imposter, but which is which? You won't know til you're up way too late turning the final pages."
The Family Ship (2021)
Sonja Yoerg
"Sonja Yoerg’s The Family Ship is a fearless, timeless story of a family in crisis. Join the Vergennes family on the shores of the Chesapeake and you’ll be rewarded with an emotionally charged page-turner of a story, but also with a cast of beautifully rendered characters who each will find a different way into your heart. Rising tides of grief, hope, and loyalty will sweep you away!"
The Truth and Other Hidden Things (2021)
Lea Geller
"The Truth and Other Hidden Things is a perfect escape, whether you’re a city mouse like the hilarious and lovable narrator, Bells Walker, or used to the bucolic settings that amaze the Walker family so. As Bells navigates a whoops baby, a career tumble, two surly teens, and that PTA lady we all know, you’ll laugh—with and at her—and cheer for her every step of the way. I loved this romp and you will, too!"
The Invisible Husband of Frick Island (2021)
Colleen Oakley
"Let Colleen Oakley take you away to the enchantment of Frick Island, where a nostalgic past and inevitable present collide in this romantic story of more than meets the eye. The Invisible Husband of Frick Island is headed straight for my favorites shelf!"
For the Love of Friends (2021)
Sara Goodman Confino
"Whether you’ve been a bridesmaid a dozen times or somehow avoided the whole mess, For the Love of Friends is not to be missed. Funny and touching, Sara Goodman Confino has created a story that’s as wild as a good bachelorette party and as romantic as a first dance. I gobbled it up like wedding cake!"
Must Love Books (2022)
Shauna Robinson
"A compelling love story, dishy publishing goss, and a chic urban setting? Yes, yes, yes! But like the works she shepherds through publication, Shauna Robinson's true-to-life story of a struggling editorial assistant is much more than the sum of its parts. Within the pages of Must Love Books the lucky reader will find themselves on an poignant journey of a young booklover with too little support and too many dreams--a place we've all been at one point or another. With emotional honesty and a surprising wit that I found addictive, Robinson's debut is everything a book-about-books fan wants in a novel."
In Her Boots (2022)
KJ Dell'Antonia
"What can be better than a book that surprises and delights you on every page and yet at the same time speaks so clearly to the familiar joys--and challenges--of friendship, family, and self-discovery?...You'll gobble this one up and then push it on your best friend--and she'll love you for it!"
Paradise Girls (2022)
Sandy Gingras
"As warm and bright as a perfect ocean day, Sandy Gingras's new novel is a confection of dreamy destinations and second-chance joy that swept me up and carried me away. Her charming characters wiggled their way into my heart one after the other, until I was cheering for each and every one--especially a very special dog and his strong, silent owner. Ethereal and enchanting, The Paradise Girls is pure beach delight!"

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