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Over the past decade, my work has appeared in/on Allure, Arthritis Today,, Glamour, Mens Health, O: The Oprah Magazine, Parade,, Womens Health, and many others. Im currently the health editor at Real Simple magazine. I am a graduate of the University of Michigan, where I studied English and Native American literature, and worked as a research assistant in the department of cardiology at the U of M Health System.

Though Im passionate about health and nutrition, fiction is my first love. I started writing novels in earnest shortly after my daughter was born seven years ago. Dutton and Plume (imprints of Penguin Books) published my debut, The Art of Forgetting, as did several foreign publishers. The Chicago Tribune says Pagán writes with both a subtle sense of humor and great wisdom about the power of friendship and the importance of forgiveness in her quietly compelling literary debut.

Genres: General Fiction, Romance
Camille Pagán recommends
The Captain's Daughter (2017)
Meg Mitchell Moore
"Start The Captain’s Daughter for its spot-on dialogue and breathtaking descriptions of summer in Maine; stay for a whip-smart story brimming with emotional insight. Meg Mitchell Moore has bested herself with this warm, layered, and utterly captivating family saga."
Emerald Coast (2017)
Anita Hughes
"Captivating right down to its fresh, unexpected ending, Emerald Coast is a gem of a novel. No other writer combines love and exotic locales like Anita Hughes."
Mrs. Saint and the Defectives (2017)
Julie Lawson Timmer
"Warm, witty, and with the most satisfying ending I’ve read in years, Mrs. Saint and the Defectives is absolutely delightful. This novel won’t just keep you turning the pages; it will inspire you to be a better person."
We Own the Sky (2018)
Luke Allnutt
"Beautifully rendered and profoundly moving, We Own the Sky illustrates the lengths we'll go to for those we love. Luke Allnutt is a major new talent in fiction and his debut is not to be missed."
Matchmaking for Beginners (2018)
Maddie Dawson
"I can’t remember the last time I loved the characters of a novel as much I loved those in Matchmaking for Beginners. Maddie Dawson has spun a story as magical as her delightful protagonist, Blix, who can’t help but cause chaos as she brings the right people together in the most unconventional ways. Every page of this novel was a joy to read."
True Places (2019)
Sonja Yoerg
"With luminous prose and a story that speaks straight to the heart, Sonja Yoerg has crafted another stunning novel. True Places is a beautiful reminder that though we may busy ourselves seeking what we want, what we need has an uncanny way of finding us."
The Girl He Used to Know (2019)
Tracey Garvis-Graves
"Smart and sensitive, with wholly original characters you can’t help but root for, The Girl He Used to Know is unlike any book I’ve read. I loved every page."
You and Me and Us (2020)
Alison Hammer
"You and Me and Us is that rare novel you want to savor even as you’re turning the pages as fast as possible. This poignant and heartrending story of a family redefining their roles in the face of a crisis made me smile and cry. Alison Hammer is an exciting new voice in women’s fiction, and I can’t wait to read what she writes next."
The Bright Side of Going Dark (2020)
Kelly Harms
"Even casual users knows how absurd and unrealistic social media can be—yet keep logging on day after day. Kelly Harms takes this dichotomy to new heights in a clever and unputdownable story of two women whose so-called online lives collide IRL. I laughed, I cried, I came away from the experience with a newfound appreciation for life—which is to say The Bright Side of Going Dark is everything I’d hope for in a Kelly Harms novel, and more. I loved every page."
The Lending Library (2020)
Aliza Fogelson
"A charming novel about family, fate, and (of course!) books, The Lending Library is sure to appeal to anyone who’s made a hard choice in life only to think, ‘Did I get that right?’ Aliza Fogelson is a fresh new voice in fiction."
Side Trip (2020)
Kerry Lonsdale
"Smart, sexy, and unexpected—Side Trip is everything that makes a novel unputdownable, which is why I devoured it in two days. Kerry Lonsdale’s latest demonstrates what fans like me already know: she just keeps getting better and better."
The Star-Crossed Sisters of Tuscany (2020)
Lori Nelson Spielman
"If you love Moonstruck as much as I do, you'll fall head over heels for The Star-Crossed Sisters of Tuscany. In this captivating and utterly charming tale of several generations of 'cursed' women, Lori Nelson Spielman proves--yet again--that she's a masterful storyteller. I loved every page."

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