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Cambridge-educated, British-born L.B. Hathaway writes historical fiction and contributes to a number of popular history magazines and websites. She worked as a lawyer at Lincolns Inn in London for almost a decade before becoming a full-time writer. She is a specialist in Tudor history, especially everyday life at the itinerant court of Henry VIII. She is also a lifelong fan of detective novels set in the Golden Age of Crime, and is an ardent Agatha Christie devotee. Her other interests, in no particular order, are: very fast downhill skiing, theatre-going, drinking strong tea, exploring castles and generally trying to cram as much into life as possible.

Genres: Cozy Mystery
New and upcoming books
Posie Parker Mystery
   1. Murder Offstage (2014)
   2. The Tomb of the Honey Bee (2014)
   3. Murder At Maypole Manor (2016)
   4. The Vanishing of Dr Winter (2016)
   5. Murder of a Movie Star (2017)
   A Christmas Case (2017)
   6. Murder in Venice (2018)
   7. The Saltwater Murder (2019)
   8. Murder on the White Cliffs (2020)
   9. Marriage is Murder? (2020)
   10. Murder in the London Lights (2020)
   11. Murder in Tuscany (2021)
   12. Murder in a Chelsea Garden (2021)
   13. Murder and the Mermaid (2021)
   14. Murder through the Mirror (2023)
   15. Murder on the Night Train to Paris (2023)
   16. Murder and the Scent of Nutmeg (2024)

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