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Otis Adelbert Kline

USA flag (1891 - 1946)

A popular pulp era writer who served on the original Weird Tales editorial staff and appeared frequently in the magazine's early issues, Kline is perhaps best known for his novelistic feud with Edgar Rice Burroughs. He wrote "Planet of Peril" (1929) and two other novels set on the planet Venus and written in the storytelling form of the John Carter of Mars novels, prompting Burroughs to write his own stories set on Venus. In return, Kline wrote two novels set on Mars, as well as several jungle adventurers quite reminiscent of Burroughs's Tarzan.

Genres: Science Fiction, Mystery
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Robert Grandon
   1. Planet of Peril (1929)
   2. Prince of Peril (1930)
   3. The Port of Peril (1932)
     aka Buccaneers of Venus
Series contributed to
Black Cat Weekly
   34. Black Cat Weekly #34 (2022) (with Hal Charles, Sara M Chen, William F Gekle, Mel Gilden, Henry Kuttner, Arthur Machen, Jeffrey J Mariotte, Marsheila Rockwell and Stephen D Rogers)
   37. Black Cat Weekly #37 (2022) (with N M Cedeno, Hal Charles, Hulbert Footner, Malcolm Jameson, Naomi Kritzer, Janice Law, A R Morlan and George O Smith)
   38. Black Cat Weekly #38 (2022) (with Hal Charles, Lester del Rey, Michael Ehart, John M Floyd, Saul Golubcow, John W Campbell Jr, Laird Long, Nisi Shawl and W C Tuttle)
Short stories
The Malignant Entity [short story] (1926)
Thirsty Blades (1930) (with E Hoffmann Price)
The Cyclops of Xoatl (1936) (with E Hoffmann Price)
Spotted Satan (1940) (with E Hoffmann Price)
Meteor Men of Mars (1942) (with Harry Cord)
Return of the Undead (1943) (with Frank Belknap Long)

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