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TODD KEISLING is the author of A Life Transparent, The Liminal Man, and the critically-acclaimed novella, The Final Reconciliation. His most recent releases are The Smile Factory and the horror collection, Ugly Little Things: Collected Horrors, available now from Crystal Lake Publishing. He lives somewhere in the wilds of Pennsylvania with his family where he is at work on his next novel.

Genres: Horror
Monochrome Trilogy
   1. A Life Transparent (2007)
   2. The Liminal Man (2012)
   3. Nonentity (2021)
   The Final Reconciliation (2017)
   Devil's Creek (2020)
Novellas and Short Stories
   The Smile Factory (2018)
   Scanlines (2021)
   Black Friday (2022)
   The Harbinger (2022)
   House of Nettle and Thorn (2022)
   Saving Granny from the Devil (2022)
   When Karen Met Her Mountain (2022)
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Todd Keisling recommends
This Wretched Valley (2024)
Jenny Kiefer
"This Wretched Valley is a fast-paced free fall straight into a Kentucky nightmare. Kiefer's prose sings in this horrific tragedy of blood and dread and paranoia. The story will drag you kicking and screaming into the night and will not let you go. I lost sleep over it. Highly recommended."
Edenville (2023)
Sam Rebelein
"The mundane horrors of rural and academic living collide with pure cosmic weirdness in Sam Rebelein's Edenville. Not since Jason Pargin's John Dies at the End have I been so horrified and grossed out by a book, nor have I gleefully whispered 'what the fuck' so much while turning the pages. I could say more, but honestly, the less you know about this book, the better. A fantastic debut. Go Crows!"
Malignant Summer (2021)
Tim Meyer
"MALIGNANT SUMMER is a classic coming-of-age horror tale reminiscent of McCammon and Simmons, viewed through the lens of the 1990s, with the kind of horror that could only come from Tim Meyer's twisted imagination. Brutal, nostalgic, and full of heart, I couldn't put it down."

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Books containing stories by Todd Keisling
October Screams (2023)
A Halloween Anthology
edited by
Kenneth W Cain
Never Wake (2023)
An Anthology of Dream Horror
edited by
Kenneth W Cain and Tim Meyer
The Hideous Book of Hidden Horrors (2022)
edited by
Doug Murano

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Award nominations
2023 Bram Stoker Award for Superior Achievement in a Fiction Collection (nominee) : Cold, Black & Infinite
2020 Bram Stoker Award for Superior Achievement in a Novel (nominee) : Devil's Creek

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