John Langan

Genres: Horror, Young Adult Fiction
   Mr. Gaunt and Other Uneasy Encounters (2008)
   The Wide, Carnivorous Sky (2013)
   Ashes and Entropy (2018) (with Laird Barron, Matthew M Bartlett, Nadia Bulkin, Kristi DeMeester, Jon Padgett, Lucy A Snyder and Damien Angelica Walters)
   Sefira and Other Betrayals (2019)
   Children of the Fang and Other Genealogies (2020)
   Oculus Sinister (2020) (with Rebecca J Allred, Sean Padraic Birnie, M R Cosby, Selene dePackh, Rhonda Eikamp, Brian Evenson, Douglas Ford, Elena Gomel, Timothy Granville, LC von Hessen, Mark Howard Jones, J A W McCarthy, Christopher K Miller, James Pate, Sam Richard, Shannon Scott, Steve Rasnic Tem and Charles Wilkinson)
Series contributed to
Anthologies edited
Bram Stoker Best Novel winner (2016) : The Fisherman

John Langan recommends
Earth and Ember (2019)
(Fearing, book 4)
John F D Taff
"Fast-paced, inventive, and compelling Grabs you and does not release its grip."
Jesus and John (2020)
Adam McOmber
"In Adam McOmber's lucid dream of a novel, the beloved disciple follows the risen Yeshua on a voyage across the sea to the eternal city. Within the streets of Rome, they will come to the door of a mysterious structure known as the Gray Palace, within whose walls wait horrors and revelations. A contemporary descendant of such works as Par Lagerkvist's Barabbas and Nikos Kazantzakis's Last Temptation of Christ, Jesus and John looks at the greatest story ever told through fresh, kaleidoscopic lenses and discovers marvels."
Lake of Darkness (2020)
Scott Kenemore
"With Lake of Darkness, Scott Kenemore takes readers back a hundred years, to a Chicago terrorized by a series of horrifying murders. Blending trenchant social observations with vistas of cosmic horror, Kenemore crafts a narrative that rockets its hero and its reader to an ending unforgettable and resonant. Kenemore's previous novel, The Grand Hotel, was a standout; with this one, he takes another step forward."
Devil's Creek (2020)
Todd Keisling
"In smooth prose, Keisling skillfully evokes the landscape and inhabitants of south-central Kentucky, as well as the struggles of his protagonist to deal with a past resurgent in the most immediate and frightening ways. Another step forward for him, Devil's Creek shows why Todd Keisling runs at the front of the pack."
The Crying Forest (2020)
Venero Armanno
"With The Crying Forest, Venero Armanno delivers a tale of murder and magic, of dark desires and the even darker cost of their fulfillment. Swift-moving, brutal, with unexpected moments of tenderness, it compels the readers attention all the way to the end, then lingers in the mind afterward."

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