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John F D Taff

John F D Taff is a Bram Stoker Award short-listed dark fiction author with more than 25 years experience, and more than 100 short stories and seven novels in print.

He has appeared in Cemetery Dance, Eldritch Tales, Unnerving, Deathrealm, Big Pulp and One Buck Horror, as well as anthologies such as Hot Blood: Seeds of Fear, Hot Blood: Fear the Fever, Shock Rock II, Gutted: Beautiful Horror Stories, Behold!, Shadows Over Main Street 2, Horror Library V, Best of Horror Library, Dark Visions Vol. 1, Ominous Realities, Death's Realm I Can Taste the Blood and Savage Beasts. His work will appear soon in The Seven Deadliest and I Can Hear the Shadows.

His novels include The Bell Witch and Kill-Off. Short fiction collections include Little Deaths: The Definitive Collection and the recently released Little Black Spots, all published by Grey Matter Press.

Taff's novella collection, The End in All Beginnings, was called one of the best novella collections by Jack Ketchum and was a Stoker Award Finalist.

His upcoming novel The Fearing will be released by Grey Matter in late Spring 2019.

Follow him on Twitter @johnfdtaff.

Genres: Horror
Anthologies edited
   I Can Taste the Blood (2016) (with Anthony Rivera)
Anthologies containing stories by John F D Taff
Short stories
Track Eight (1994)
Just a Phone Call Away (1995)
Orifice (1996)

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