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Edmund Cooper

UK flag (1926 - 1982)

aka Richard Avery, George Kinley, Martin Lester, Broderick Quain

Edmund Cooper was an English poet and prolific writer of speculative fiction, and other genres including children books, essays and one detective novel, published under his own name and several pen names.
Short stories
Death Watch
The Doomsday Story
The First Martian
Judgement Day
The Life and Death of Plunky Goo
The Lizard of Woz
The Mouse That Roared
Nineteen Ninety-Four
Piccadilly Interval
Vertical Hold
Welcome Home
When the Saucers Came

Edmund Cooper recommends
Flesh (1960)
Philip José Farmer
"Very entertaining reading."
The Penultimate Truth (1964)
Philip K Dick
"An entertaining and disturbing read."
Under Compulsion (1968)
Thomas M Disch
"His originality of theme and intensity of language are a delight to jaded palates."
Light a Last Candle (1969)
Vincent King
"...vivid stuff, a tale of strife between mutated and modified people of the far future. Impressive atmosphere, good suspense."

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