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Guy de Maupassant's picture

Guy de Maupassant

(Henri René Albert Guy de Maupassant)
France (1850 - 1893)

Guy de Maupassant was a literary acolyte of Gustave Flaubert. Through Flaubert, de Maupassant befriended the Russian novelist Ivan Turgenev and Émile Zola, as well as many of the protagonists of the realistic school. In 1880 he published his first masterpiece, "Boule de Suif," which met with an instant and tremendous success. Flaubert characterized it as "a masterpiece that will remain." With good cause -- de Maupassant's tales, whether they're tales of war and brutality like "Mademoiselle Fifi" and "Boule de Suif" or tales of the human heart like "Yvette," speak to a window in the human soul that few can see, and fewer still can speak to.

Genres: Horror, Literary Fiction


Non fiction
Anthologies containing stories by Guy de Maupassant

Short stories
An Affair of State
Am I Insane?
An Apparition
The Artist
The Assassin
The Baroness
The Castaway
The Child
The Christening
A Christmas Tale
A Cock Crowed
The Colonel's Ideas
The Confession
Countess Satan
A Country Excursion
A Coup d'Etat
The Cripple
The Dead Woman
A Divorce Case
The Door
The False Gems
A Family
The Father
The Ghost
Guillemot Rock
The Hair
Hautot and His Son
The Hole
The Hostelry
In Port
In the Country
In the Moonlight
In Various roles
The Jewels
The Keeper
The Legend of Mont Saint-Michel
Madame Hermet
Madame Husson's May King
Madame Luneau's Case
Madame Tellier's Establishment
Mademoiselle Fifi [short story]
Mademoiselle Pearl
The Madman
Martin's Girl
The Mask
A Midnight Feast
Miss Harriet
The Model
The Mother of Monsters
The Mother Superior's Twenty-Five Francs
My Uncle Jules
The Necklace [short story]
A Norman
The Odyssey of a Prostitute
Old Boniface's Crime
Old Judas
The Olive Orchard
One Evening
One Night's Entertainment
The Orderly
Our Friends the English
Our Letters
The Pardon
Pierre and Jean
A Portrait
The Putter-To-Sleep
Queen Hortense
The Rabbit
The Rendezvous
The Return
The Revenge
The Rival Pins
Roger's Method
Saint Anthony
A Sale
The Sequel to a Divorce
Simon's Papa
The Snipe
A Son
The Spastic Mannerism
The Test
That Pig, Morin
Theodule Sabot's Confession
The Tomb
A Traveller's Notes
The Twitch
Two Little Soldiers
An Unfortunate Likeness
Useless Beauty
Waiter, A "Bock"
A Walk
Walter Scnaff's Adventure
What the Colonel Thought
A Widow
The Will
The Window [short story]
On the River (1876)
Boule de Suif [short story] (1880)
Fear (1882)
An Apparition%A Ghost (1883)
The Hand [short story] (1883)
He? (1883)
Mademoiselle Cocotte (1883)
Two Friends (1883)
Coco (1884)
The Head of Hair (1884)
The Mannerism (1884)
Mohammed-Fripouille (1884)
Was He Mad? (1884)
The Case of Louise Roque (1885)
The Diary of a Madman [short story] (1885)
Little Louise Roque (1885)
The Horla [short story] (1886)
The Inn (1886)
Night: A Nightmare (1887)
Was it a Dream? (1887)
The Drowned Man (1888)
At Sea (1889)
The Blind Man (1889)
The Dead Girl (1889)
The Devil [short story] (1889)
The Mad Woman (1889)
Mother Savage (1889)
Night (1889)
A Night in Paris (1889)
Old Milon (1889)
The Smile of Schopenhauer (1889)
Terror (1889)
The Wolf (1889)
Who Knows? (1890)
Vendetta (1964)

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