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John Morressy

USA flag (1930 - 2006)

John Morressy was a science fiction and fantasy writer and a professor of English at Franklin Pierce College. In a career that spanned 40 years John published more than 25 novels and short story collections, as well as poetry and nonfiction.

Genres: Fantasy, Romance
Anthologies containing stories by John Morressy
Short stories
No More Pencils, No More Books (1979)
The Last Jerry Fagin Show (1980)
A Hedge Against Alchemy (1981)
Final Version (1982)
Stoneskin (1984)
Spirits from the Vasty Deep (1986)
Alaska (1989)
Timekeeper (1990)
A Boy and His Wolf: Three Versions of a Fable (1993)
The Persistence of Memory (1998)

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