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Mike Moscoe was born in the Philadelphia Navy Yard Hospital -- and left town at the age of three days. He managed to avoid Philadelphia again until he got drafted. He avoided very little of the rest of the country. Growing up Navy, he lived just about everywhere you could park an aircraft carrier. It wasn't until high school that he finished a year in the school he started. This gave Mike an early introduction to American geography and the nature of change.

Now that he's retired, Mike is concentrating on writing. Trained in International Relations, he's also studied history and salary administration, theology and counseling. In retirement, he's looking forward to a serious study of human folly and glory.

He lives in Vancouver, Washington, with his wife Ellen, his mother-in-law and any visiting grandkids. He enjoys reading, writing, watching his grand-children for story ideas and upgrading his computer - all are never ending.

Genres: Science Fiction, Inspirational
Lost Millennium
   0.5. Lost Dawns (2016)
   1. First Dawn (1996)
   2. Second Fire (1997)
   3. Lost Days (1998)
Society of Humanity
   1. The First Casualty (1999)
   2. The Price of Peace (2000)
   3. They Also Serve (2001)
continued in the series by Mike Shepherd
   The Forsaken (2006) (with Stephen Arterburn)
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