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Robin Moore

(Robert Lowell Moore Jr)
USA flag (1925 - 2008)

Robin Moore is a veteran war correspondent and author. His official history of the Green Berets was a US best-seller and he is the author of many best-selling works of non-fiction, including The French Connection. He lives in the United States.

Genres: Thriller
Pulsar (with Al Dempsey)
1. The London Switch (1974)
     aka The London Connection
2. The Italian Connection (1975)
The Green Berets (1965)
Pitchman (1966)
The Country Team (1970)
Court Martial (1972) (with Henry Rothblatt)
The Khaki Mafia (1972) (with June Collins)
The Fifth Estate (1973)
The Family Man (1974) (with Milt Machlin)
Phase of Darkness (1974) (with Al Dempsey)
Hotel Tomayne (1976)
Dubai (1976)
Valency Girl (1976) (with Susan Deitz)
The Establishment (1976) (with Harold Shumate)
The Terminal Connection (1976)
The Chinese Ultimatum (1976) (with Edward McGhee)
The Pearl Harbor Cover-Up (1976) (with Frank Schuler)
Caribbean Caper (1976)
Combat Pay (1976)
The Season (1976) (with Patricia Hornung)
The Washington Connection (1977)
The Death Disciple (1977) (with Gerald G Griffin)
Our Missile's Missing (1977) (with Stan Gebler Davies)
Diamond Spitfire (1978)
The Big Paddle (1978) (with Sidney Levine)
     aka Fast Shuffle
Death Never Forgets (1978) (with Chuck Lightfoot)
The Red Falcons (1978) (with Al Dempsey)
The Cobra Team (1978) (with Edward E Mayer)
The Black Sea Caper (1978) (with Hugh McDonald)
     aka Black Sea Connection
Search and Destroy (1978)
The New York connection (1979)
The Treasure Hunter (1979) (with Howard Jennings)
The Last Coming (1979) (with Gerald G Griffin)
Only the Hyenas Laughed (1980) (with Neville H Romain)
The Gold Connection (1980) (with Julian Askin)
Compulsion (1981)
The Tales of Green Beret (1985)
Force Nine (1986)
The White Tribe (1991) (with Barbara Fuca)
The Moscow Connection (1994)
The Sparrowhook Curse (1996)
Encounter on the Moon (1996)
Area 51 (1997)
Hercules: Hero of the Night Sky (1997)
The Accidental Pope (2000) (with Ray Flynn)
React : CIA Black Ops (2004) (with Chuck Lightfoot)
The Singleton: Target Cuba (2004) (with Jeff Lambert)
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Non fiction
The Devil To Pay (1966) (with Jack Youngblood)
The French Connection (1970)
The Set Up (1975) (with Milt Machlin)
Mafia Wife (1977) (with Barbara Fuca)
Diamonds and Blood (1978)
L.B.J. and the J.F.K. Conspiracy (1979) (with Hugh McDonald)
Task Force Dagger (2003) (with J K Idema and Chris Thompson)
Hunting Down Saddam (2004)
Robin Moore recommends
Quadraphone Homicide (1975)
(Headhunters, book 4)
Brian Boyer and John Weisman
"Guaranteed reading excitement!"
Windy City (1995)
(Larry Cole, book 2)
Hugh Holton
"There was no exit for me until I finished the final fiery pages."
Hearts and Minds (2017)
Richard Galli
"In the deft hands of Richard Galli we laugh out loud and cry out loud as well. This is the most unforgettable story of Vietnam that i have ever read."

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