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Will North is the pen name of an international award-winning author and ghostwriter of more than a dozen nonfiction books as well as six recent novels.  He has ghosted books for Bill Clinton, Al Gore, several famous Everest mountaineers, a team of dinosaur hunters, a renowned physician, and others. Two of his books have been the subject of PBS and A&E documentaries. As a fiction author, Will has penned two romantic suspense novels, a family saga, and is currently working on the fourth book in his Davies & West British murder mystery series. Will lives on an island in Washington's Puget Sound.

Genres: Mystery
Davies & West Mystery
   1. Harm None (2014)
   2. Too Clever by Half (2015)
   3. Trevega House (2017)
   4. Murder on the Commons (2021)
   The Long Walk Home (2007)
   Water, Stone, Heart (2009)
   Season's End (2014)

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