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Rebecca Ore

(Rebecca B Brown)
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Rebecca Ore was born in Louisville, KY, out of people from Kentucky and Virginia, Irish Catholic and French Protestant turned Southern Baptist on her mother's side and Welsh and Borderer on her father's. She grew up in South Carolina and fell in love with New York City from a distance, moved there in 1968 and lived on the Upper West Side and Lower East Side for seven years. Somehow, she also attended Columbia University School of General Studies while spending most of her energy in the St. Mark Poetry Project. In 1975, she moved to San Francisco for almost a year, then moved to Virginia, back and forth several places for several years, finished a Masters in English, then moved to rural Virginia for ten years, writing s.f. novels and living in her grandparent's house after they died. She's now owner of a small house in Philadelphia with a walled garden, one wall stone and brick, one wall stone against a hill, and the west wall not there as the neighbor and she share the space.

Rebecca owns a Border Terrier named Kit and grows roses and hostas. She's currently an academic gypsy and has been variously an editorial assistant for the Science Fiction Book Club, a reporter/photographer for the Patrick County Enterprise, and an assistant landscape gardener. She has just had a gun put to her head to finish a work of fiction that's five or six years overdue.

She writes about Alien Bootlegger.

Genres: Science Fiction
Anthologies containing stories by Rebecca Ore
Short stories
Projectile Weapons (1986)
The Tyrant That I Serve (1986)
Ice-Gouged Lakes, Glacier-Bound Times (1988)
Alien Bootlegger [short story] (1993)
Farming in Virginia (1993)
Giant Flesh Holograms Keep My Baby's Eyes Warm (1993)
Horse Tracks (1996)
Stone Whorl, Flint Knife (1996)

Philip K Dick Award Best Book nominee (1988) : Becoming Alien
Philip K Dick Award Best Book nominee (1989) : Being Alien
John W Campbell Memorial Award Best Novel nominee (2008) : Time's Child
Philip K Dick Award Best Book nominee (2009) : Centuries Ago and Very Fast