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Born and raised in Miami, Florida, Rochelle B. Weinstein followed her love of the written word across the country. She moved north to attend the University of Maryland, earning a degree in journalism, and began her career in Los Angeles at the LA Weekly. After moving back to Miami, she enjoyed a stint in the entertainment industry, marrying her love of music with all things creative. When her twins arrived, she sat down one afternoon while they were napping and began to write. The resulting novel, the highly acclaimed What We Leave Behind, explores the poignancy of love and the human condition.
Rochelle B Weinstein recommends
No Time To Blink (2018)
Dina Silver
"A moving tale capturing the unbreakable bond between mothers and daughters. Silver deftly weaves through past and present, betrayal and forgiveness, culminating in a fast-paced, satisfying finish. You won’t want to put this one down."
Christmas at the Chalet (2018)
Anita Hughes
"Christmas at the Chalet reminds us of why we first fell in love with reading. Escaping in the pages of picturesque St. Moritz and the glamorous world of bridal fashion, culminating in the fairy tale that every girl dreams of...a dazzling read."
A Lily in the Light (2019)
Kristin Fields
"A Lily in the Light captures family in the throes of chaos. A journey through guilt and suffering, the world of ballet, culminating in the miracles achieved through both. Fields is an emerging literary talent and her debut, deftly written, uncovers the heart of family and forgiveness."
True to Me (2019)
(By the Sea , book 1)
Kay Bratt
"Bratt writes a beautiful tale of family which grabbed me from the very first page. Quinn, mourning the loss of her mother, must travel to Maui in search of her roots. Leaving behind her fiancé Ethan, she is drawn to the island’s rich history and the locals who welcome her into their world. Woven between the pages is the deep mystery of Quinn’s past, and the DNA test that leads her to a family she never knew. Bratt takes the reader on a heartfelt journey of family and forgiveness while Quinn teaches us about those we should let in and those we should let go. For at the very core of the novel is the rare gift of being true to one’s self."
The Other Family (2020)
Loretta Nyhan
"Loretta Nyhan has a knack for creating colorful characters with emotional depth and sharp wit. The Other Family is a heart-warming story of what it means to be family and the sacrifices we make for those we love. Nyhan weaves together sensitive and tender moments, delivering a flawless tale of faith, understanding, and perseverance."
That's Not a Thing (2020)
Jacqueline Friedland
"Friedland's That’s Not a Thing is an unputdownable tale of old love meets new. Heartrending and evocative, this beautifully woven story captures the deep-seated emotions we carry - those of guilt, forgiveness, and what it means to be there for those we love. Friedland's sharp writing and emotional depth will leave you turning the pages, ending with a satisfying, albeit bittersweet conclusion."
The Good Stranger (2020)
(Kate Bradley Mystery, book 3)
Dete Meserve
"Dete Meserve’s warm-hearted mystery, The Good Stranger, captures the kindness of strangers and its long-lasting ripple effect. A timely story of compassion and selflessness, Meserve restores faith in the world while reminding us that goodness does exist."
Side Trip (2020)
Kerry Lonsdale
"Strap in for a fun, musical, and magical ride with characters you won’t soon forget. This is easily my favorite of Lonsdale’s books. The ending…it is one of the most jaw-dropping conclusions I’ve ever read."

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