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Best-selling author of epic historical novels "Back Bay" "Annapolis" and "Cape Cod" and his current release, "Citizen Washington." A native of Boston, he is a graduate of Harvard and received his MFA from the University of Southern California. Other novels include "The Rising of the Moon" and "Nerve Endings."

Genres: Historical Mystery, Historical
William Martin recommends
The Alchemy of Murder (2009)
(Nellie Bly, book 1)
Carol McCleary
"Meet Nellie Bly, America's first female investigative reporter. She's feisty, funny, opinionated, persistent, and as tough as any male she meets. She has to be, because in The Alchemy of Murder, she's swept through a tale of peril and pursuit that is sure to keep you turning pages long after you should have been asleep. You'll find yourself on the mean streets of nineteenth century New York, in Victorian London and in Paris as the Eiffel Tower rises and deadly things – men and microbes – stalk the streets. It is a dazzling entertainment, so well constructed – and it has Oscar Wilde too!"
Treachery in Bordeaux (2012)
(Winemaker Detective, book 1)
Jean-Pierre Alaux and Noël Balen
"A terrific new series."
Night Work (2016)
(Michael Cassidy, book 2)
David C Taylor
"David Taylor hits the bull's eye...riveting."
The Trial and Execution of the Traitor George Washington (2018)
Charles Rosenberg
"If you love history, you love to speculate. When it comes to the American Revolution, Charles Rosenberg can speculate with the best of them: What if the British captured George Washington and spirited him off to England? And that's just the beginning of this hugely satisfying journey through time... a fascinating premise, a brisk pace, a storytelling high-wire act performed as deftly, convincingly, and entertainingly as it can be done. If you love historical speculation, you will love this novel."
A Borrowing of Bones (2018)
(Mercy Carr Mystery, book 1)
Paula Munier
"Who let the dogs out? Paula Munier did, in a terrific new mystery thriller about two admirably resilient human characters and their smart, sturdy, resourceful canine sidekicks, who track a collection of murderous suspects across the glorious Green Mountains of Vermont. Come for the action and the mystery, stay for all the other pleasures of a novel that will keep you turning pages right up to the satisfying final passages."
The Beantown Girls (2019)
Jane Healey
"If you yearn for a sweeping, romantic, and altogether wonderful novel, look no further. If you like your novels filled with character, detail, and life, here is your next big read. If you want to see World War II from an entirely new perspective, settle in with The Beantown Girls, a brave group of young American[s]…who head for Europe in 1944. As they live and grow through one of the pivotal years in human history, you will grow to love them."
Court of Lies (2019)
Gerry Spence
"Witty and fast-paced, this novel is filled with tension, suspense and sharply drawn characters. And the courtroom drama sizzles!"
Irish Above All (2019)
(Of Irish Blood, book 3)
Mary Pat Kelly
"Nobody knows the Irish like Mary Pat Kelly. And nobody writing today knows better how to breath life into Irish-Americans, with all their dreams, hopes, and aspirations. Fictional characters and historical figures emerge full blown and fiery in this big, sprawling, read-it-all-weekend kind of epic. You'll love it."
Millicent Glenn's Last Wish (2020)
Tori Whitaker
"Attend the debut of a bright new talent…It’s alternately joyous and sad, scary and hopeful, but always wise and warm and overflowing with the wonder of being human."
Plot Counterplot (2022)
William Bernhardt
"A man on the run... a woman on the run... in a thriller that hits the ground running... then running faster... then absolutely flying. And you're flying, too, flying through the pages with one of the masters of the modern thriller at the controls. William Bernhardt knows when to soar and when to dive, when to make you sweat and when to let you breathe, when to throw this flying machine into a barrel roll that will absolutely shock you and when to bring you home safe and satisfied. A terrific entertainment."

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