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Alice Randall is the author of The Wind Done Gone; Pushkin and the Queen of Spades; and Rebel Yell. Born in Detroit she grew up in Washington, D.C.. As a Harvard undergraduate majoring in English she studied with Julia Child as well as Harry Levin, Alan Heimert, and Nathan Huggins. After graduation Randall headed south to Music City where she founded Midsummer Music with the idea she would create a new way to fund novel writing and a community of powerful storytellers .

Genres: Literary Fiction
Alice Randall recommends
The Great Mrs. Elias (2022)
Barbara Chase-Riboud
"Barbara Chase-Riboud, the preeminent practitioner of African-American historical fiction, closes a sextet of novels based on invisible black women stronger than she began, and she began with Sally Hemmings. Love, murder, race, class, and memory collide in a mesmerizing swirl of licit and illicit desire that was old New York in the age of the robber barons across the pages of The Great Mrs. Elias. This is a delicious read that lives in profound conversation with Wharton's House of Mirth, Fitzgerald's, The Great Gatsby, and the earlier titles in this provocative series."