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Courtney Summers lives and writes in Canada. She is the author of several novels for young adult.

Genres: Young Adult Fiction, Young Adult Romance
Courtney Summers recommends
Winner Take All (2018)
Laurie DeVore
"A bold, incisive, timely examination of the high price girls often have to pay for daring to want it all... Clever, romantic, and absolutely unputdownable."
Mirage (2018)
(Mirage, book 1)
Somaiya Daud
"Mirage had me enthralled from its first page to its last. It's a a heart-wrenching, romantic, and exhilarating page-turner. Begin preparing yourselves for it now. Somaiya Daud is a brilliant writer and she has written a brilliant book."
Sawkill Girls (2018)
Claire Legrand
"With prose as fierce and uncompromising as its three main characters, SAWKILL GIRLS is a fresh and unflinching exploration of female friendship wrapped in a spine-tingling page-turner. Claire Legrand doesn’t hold back--and you won’t be able to put this book down."
Tell Me Everything (2019)
Sarah Enni
"A timely examination of social media and the importance of self-expression. A truly special debut-I loved every single page!."
How to Make Friends with the Dark (2019)
Kathleen Glasgow
"A bold, fearlessly crafted story of loss and love. Kathleen Glasgow’s prose commands the page with its trademark beauty and grace, and Tiger Tolliver is a character readers will root for every step of the way—and won’t soon forget."
Wreck (2019)
Kirstin Cronn-Mills
"Every so often a book comes along that is so sharp, so moving, so real, and so good, you want to press it into everyone's hands and say, Read this! READ THIS!"
Tigers, Not Daughters (2020)
Samantha Mabry
"A moody and unflinching examination of the gritty, tender and impossible parts of people that make them unforgettably whole. You don't read Samantha Mabry’s books so much as experience them. Ferocious and gorgeously crafted. I loved it."
The Mall (2020)
Megan McCafferty
"A delightful, funny, sweet and affecting real life adventure with such a big heart, it'll make you cry the happiest tears. The Mall is something special."
Every Single Lie (2021)
Rachel Vincent
"A suspenseful, gritty, action-packed story that will leave you absolutely breathless."
Your Corner Dark (2021)
Desmond Hall
"A riveting, fiercely heartfelt and gutsy exploration of one boy's determination to wrest control over his own life, on his own terms. Readers will find it impossible not to root for Frankie as he is confronted with one impossible choice after another. Your Corner Dark is a memorable and unmissable debut by an author to watch."
Firekeeper's Daughter (2021)
Angeline Boulley
"Firekeeper's Daughter is a gripping and unforgettable story of family, community and identity told through the eyes of a protagonist so powerfully realized on the page, you'll swear you can hear her heart beat. Daunis Fontaine is a force to be reckoned with-and so is Angeline Boulley. This is one bold, uncompromising and elegantly crafted debut."
In the Quick (2021)
Kate Hope Day
"In the Quick is an enthralling, romantic, and powerful testament to human strength and frailty, and to the pursuit of possibility. Kate Hope Day pushes against the edges of all we know and could only dare to dream, and with that she has written a true wonder. This is a gorgeous book."
Hurricane Summer (2021)
Asha Bromfield
"Stunningly written. An unflinching coming-of-age novel that bravely demands an audience to the cost of life's pain & the rewards of all its beauty. Wow."
That Weekend (2021)
Kara Thomas
"A deliciously unsettling and grimly beautiful examination of the dark and twisted potential lurking within us all. That Weekend is a bold and expertly plotted page-turner from beginning to end, and firmly cements Kara Thomas as a master of the craft—no one writes a thriller like her."
The Dead and the Dark (2021)
Courtney Gould
"The Dead and the Dark has something for everyone: thrills, chills, a mystery that'll keep readers guessing and a romance they'll absolutely love rooting for. Snakebite is a setting as unforgettably alive as the characters who inhabit it and once it gets hold of you, it won't let go. A riveting, spooky and expertly-crafted debut from a talented new voice in YA fiction."
White Smoke (2021)
Tiffany D Jackson
"Tiffany Jackson takes the classic haunted house story to the next level by infusing it with her trademark twists and turns and her brilliant and unflinching prose. White Smoke is a gripping, unsettling, and incisive novel by a YA powerhouse who knows her thrills—and her chills."

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