Giorgio Scerbanenco's picture

Giorgio Scerbanenco

Italy (1911 - 1969)

Giorgio Scerbanenco was born of a Ukrainian father and an Italian mother. Until he was sixteen he lived in Rome. The family then moved to Milan and they were so poor he could not finish school. He worked as a laborer, in street markets, and as a shop assistant until he began writing short stories for magazines. His success was immediate and he wrote hundreds of stories until he moved on to writing novels and mysteries.

In his hero, Duca Lamberti, he set himself to create a contemporary Italian detective-hero who would be more than a police inspector, more even than an Italian-style Maigret. Duca trusts in patience and common sense to bring the criminals to justice. A calm, philosophic-minded bourgeois, he is hounded by a sense of justice but feels only sadness when he triumphs over the evil men he despises.


Genres: Mystery

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