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Susan Straight was born in Riverside and lives there with her three daughters.

Awards: LA Times (2013), Edgar (2008)  see all

Genres: Literary Fiction, Historical
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Perris, California (2024)
Rachel Stark
"Perris, California is a remarkable, audacious, and truly original debut. Stark's characters are incandescent in their fierce desire not just for survival but for love and redemption. This novel will live alongside classics of young womanhood by Kaye Gibbons, Helena Maria Viramontes, Maya Angelou, and yes, Dorothy Allison."
What We Kept to Ourselves (2023)
Nancy Jooyoun Kim
"Those of us who love southern California know it's an entire universe where people's dreams and loves and families orbit and dance and collide in neighborhoods as diverse as the world. Nancy Jooyoun Kim knows Los Angeles so deeply that her novel brings to life loquat trees, the melancholy of staying where new roots sometimes cannot flourish, and the geography of neighbors and strangers whose loyalties turn into what might be love."
The Earthquake Child (2023)
Elayne Klasson
"The Earthquake Child is a clear-eyed look at the most complicated of family lives, bound tightly by loyalty and ineradicable love."

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USA Noir (2013)
Best of the Akashic Noir Series
(Akashic Noir)
edited by
Johnny Temple
Orange County Noir (2010)
(Akashic Noir)
edited by
Gary Phillips
The Cocaine Chronicles (2005)
(Akashic Drug Chronicles)
edited by
Gary Phillips and Jervey Tervalon

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2013 Robert Kirsch Award
2008 Edgar Award for Best Short Story : The Golden Gopher

Award nominations
2006 Los Angeles Times Book Prize for Fiction (nominee) : A Million Nightingales
2001 National Book Award for Fiction (shortlist) : Highwire Moon

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