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Susan Straight was born in Riverside and lives there with her three daughters.

Genres: Historical
National Book Award for Fiction Best Book nominee (2001) : Highwire Moon

Susan Straight recommends
Southland (2003)
Nina Revoyr
"[A]n absolutely compelling story of family and racial tragedy. Revoyr's novel is honest in detailing southern California's brutal history, and honorable in showing how families survived with love and tenacity and dignity."
Where No Gods Came (2010)
Sheila O'Connor
"For a single mother of three, and a writer who reads countless books a year, to stay up most of the night to finish a novel means it must be a heck of a story: and Sheila O'Connor's novel was, so compelling in the landscape of urban hardscrabble Minneapolis, and the interior horizons of a damaged mother and her two daughters trying to build their own fable of a family. Fervent and despairing and truth-hard, this novel kept me spellbound, hurtling toward a hoped-for redemption."
This Time Tomorrow (2010)
Michael Jaime-Becerra
"Michael Jaime-Becerra writes about a Southern California that not enough people know, and This Time Tomorrow opens a window and lets readers step through into this place he loves and details so carefully and lyrically."
Further Adventures in the Restless Universe (2010)
Dawn Raffel
"Dawn Raffel's stories are like prismatic drops of rain, hanging from the edge of a roof or sliding down a windshield, reflecting an entire world within. The language of motherhood, of adulthood, of childhood-the language of family and individual-has never been like this."
Chance Harbor (2015)
Holly Robinson
"Family, secrets, and love. No one does it better than Holly Robinson."
Catalina (2017)
Liska Jacobs
"Catalina is true California, down to the bones and skin, a novel about the places Liska Jacobs knows in her soul. Beauty and the body as currency and betrayal, seekers of love and comfort--her characters blow all that up, and just when you think you know what will happen, Catalina swerves and you are along for the ride."

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