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Cynthia D'Aprix Sweeney

Cynthia DAprix Sweeney lives in Los Angeles with her husband and children. She has an MFA from Bennington.

Genres: Literary Fiction
Cynthia D'Aprix Sweeney recommends
All Grown Up (2017)
Jami Attenberg
"This novel is beautiful and brutal, intelligent and funny, frank and sexy."
If We Were Villains (2017)
M L Rio
"Expertly plotted, beautifully written, If We Were Villains will keep you riveted through its final, electrifying moments."
Spoonbenders (2017)
Daryl Gregory
"Spoonbenders is hilarious, heartfelt and brimming with humanity."
Sycamore (2017)
Bryn Chancellor
"In this masterful performance, Bryn Chancellor explores the loss around which an entire community has calcified with humanity and wisdom. Chancellor digs deep in these pages, unearthing broken hearts, secrets, betrayals, passion and - most impressively - grace. What a joy to find a book that is both propulsive and perfectly composed."
Our Little Racket (2017)
Angelica Baker
"Working in the vein of Wharton, Cheever and Yates, but with a voice and vision wholly her own, Angelica Baker has crafted a timely and powerful exploration of greed and hubris...Clear and commanding prose... Baker is wildly talented and this debut is her gorgeous opening note."
When Katie Met Cassidy (2018)
Camille Perri
"Tender, sexy as hell and laugh out loud funny."
The Shortest Way Home (2018)
Miriam Parker
"It's nearly impossible to describe this wonderful debut without summoning the language of wine country because Miriam Parker has infused every page with an appreciation for the alchemy of character and place that can transform a cluster of grapes into a beautiful glass of wine. She turns the same keen eye on matters of the heart--exploring how and where and with whom we find happiness, declare a home--with spectacular results."
A Cloud in the Shape of a Girl (2018)
Jean Thompson
"In this beautiful and unflinching novel, Thompson excavates one of life's essential truths: if we aren't doomed to repeat the past we are certainly called to reckon with it, to acknowledge the shape of our personal history and decide what to carry forward, what to bury. Gorgeously written and perfectly composed, this book is a powerful look at the unbidden forces that shape our lives and the unexpected places where love erupts and flourishes."
The Study of Animal Languages (2019)
Lindsay Stern
"An exuberant, wise, and darkly funny novel about love, talent, ambition, envy, and the bungled ways we try to connect and care for each other."
Fleishman Is in Trouble (2019)
Taffy Brodesser-Akner
"Blisteringly funny, feverishly smart, heartbreaking, and true, Fleishman Is in Trouble is an essential read for anyone who’s wondered how to navigate loving (and hating) the people we choose."
The Knockout Queen (2020)
Rufi Thorpe
"Brilliantly constructed and beautifully told, threaded with heartbreak, honesty and hope, The Knockout Queen is a sublime coming of age story and Rufi Thorpe is a national treasure."
Sad Janet (2020)
Lucie Britsch
"Lucie Britsch has crafted a biting, pitch-perfect novel about one woman’s desire to stay true to herself in a world that rewards facile happiness. Hilarious, wise, wicked, and tender, Sad Janet is a dazzling debut and Britsch a singular and necessary new voice."
The Last Days of Ellis Island (2020)
Gaëlle Josse
"I devoured this gem of a novel, which manages to perfectly capture both a singular moment in time and an entire universe of hope, longing and heartbreak. Brilliantly constructed and beautifully told, The Last Days of Ellis Island is a timeless - and timely - exploration of compassion and regret."
The Mysteries (2021)
Marisa Silver
"This exquisite gem of a novel digs deep into the longings of the human heart. Funny, compassionate, sorrowful, and tender, The Mysteries is an insightful and emotionally astute exploration of how love can both heal and fail us. I couldn't put it down, and I will be thinking about these characters for a very long time."
Songs in Ursa Major (2021)
Emma Brodie
"In this spirited and fearless debut, Emma Brodie gets right to the heart of the matter: what—and who—will we sacrifice for art? Who has power over the stories we tell? What secrets will we keep for the people who love us? Like a perfect summer song, Songs in Ursa Major breathes new life into a familiar tune and will work its way into your heart and not let go."
The Paper Palace (2021)
Miranda Cowley Heller
"Miranda Cowley Heller has written a magnificent page-turner, a love story that shimmers with desire, intelligence, and humor. Lush and gorgeously written, The Paper Palace is as intoxicating as a summer night by the sea. I didn't want it to end."

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