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Wayne Allen Sallee


Genres: Horror

Non fiction
Anthologies containing stories by Wayne Allen Sallee
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Short stories
Third Rail (1989)
Sometimes We Come Back (1990)
With the Wound Still Wet (1991)
What Would Mamaw Say? (1992)
Pain Grin (1993)Bram Stoker (nominee)
Elviscera (1994)
From Hunger (1994)
Go Hungry (1994)
Blind Pig on North Halsted (1995)
A God in the Hand (1995)
Lover Doll (1995)Bram Stoker (nominee)
Lullaby and Goodnight (1995)
Fiends by Torchlight (1996)
The Kingsbury Technique (1996) (with Sean Doolittle)

Bram Stoker Best Novellette nominee (1993) : For You, the Living
Bram Stoker Best First Novel nominee (1993) : The Holy Terror
Bram Stoker Best Short Story nominee (1994) : Pain Grin
Bram Stoker Best Novellette nominee (1996) : Lover Doll
Bram Stoker Best Collection nominee (1997) : With Wounds Still Wet