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James W. Ziskin is the author of the Ellie Stone mysteries. Winner of the Anthony Award for Best Paperback Original and the Macavity Award for Best Historical Novel (Sue Feder Memorial), his books have also been finalists for the Edgar , Barry, and Lefty awards.

Genres: Historical Mystery
Anthony Awards Best Paperback original nominee (2015) : No Stone Unturned
Barry Awards Best Paperback original nominee (2016) : Stone Cold Dead
Anthony Awards Best Paperback original winner (2017) : Heart of Stone
Edgar Awards Best Paperback original nominee (2017) : Heart of Stone
Anthony Awards Best Paperback original nominee (2018) : Cast the First Stone
Anthony Awards Best Paperback original nominee (2019) : A Stone's Throw

James W Ziskin recommends
The Case of the Dotty Dowager (2015)
(WISE Enquiries Agency Mystery, book 1)
Cathy Ace
"THE CASE OF THE DOTTY DOWAGER has everything you could want in a murder story: a body in the dining room, a duke's ancestral home, and four brilliant ladies working together to solve the case. Think MISSION IMPOSSIBLE meets Lord Peter Wimsey, except the sleuths are Welsh, Irish, Scottish, and English ladies of varying ages and descriptions. THE CASE OF THE DOTTY DOWAGER is a traditional mystery that manages to be classic and thoroughly modern at the same time. Enjoy this one over a nice cuppa, but don't spill it when things get exciting."
The Secret Life of Anna Blanc (2015)
(Anna Blanc Mystery, book 1)
Jennifer Kincheloe
"A madcap frolic through 1907 Los Angeles, Jennifer Kincheloe’s debut mystery is an addictive read. Both hilarious and tragic, with inconstant suitors, cigarette-smoking suffragettes, and sinful painted ladies aplenty, The Secret Life of Anna Blanc transports you back to a City of Angels that few will recognize today (besides the blazing Santa Ana winds). The plot is tight and clever, and the historical research is quite simply remarkable. But most of all, there’s Anna Blanc herself. . . . One of the most infectiously likable heroines you’ll meet all year."
Finding Zelda (2019)
(Zelda Bowen, book 1)
Sue Ann Jaffarian
"A zany, irreverent hilariously honest and touching tale with true heart. Readers will Pray Zelda's first road trip is not her last. She's a character for the long haul."
The King's Justice (2020)
(Maggie Hope, book 9)
Susan Elia MacNeal
"Set in wartime London 1943, Susan Elia MacNeal's latest Maggie Hope novel, The King's Justice, is a powerfully emotional work that poses difficult questions for Maggie as she searches for justice. Or is it actually vengeance she wants? Perhaps redemption? A charismatic but severely damaged heroine, Maggie's a ticking bomb, not unlike the dangerous, unexploded ordnance it's her job to defuse daily. The King's Justice is a poetically nuanced portrayal of London in war, twisted souls, and hard moral choices. But more than anything else--and best of all--it's a brilliant novel featuring a very human Wonder Woman."
Murder at the Mena House (2020)
(Jane Wunderly Mystery, book 1)
Erica Ruth Neubauer
"An exotic trip back in time to 1920s Egypt, with a cast of winning characters right out of the Golden Age of crime fiction. Murder at the Mena House is a charming adventure cum murder mystery set in a luxury hotel at the foot of the great pyramids. Gigolos, card sharps, smugglers, rich aunts, and one achingly handsome romantic interest surround our plucky, irresistible, complex heroine, the young widow Mrs. Jane Wunderly. An auspicious start to what promises to be an exciting and compelling series."
Cover Your Tracks (2020)
Daco S Auffenorde
"Daco S. Auffenorde's thrilling Cover Your Tracks unspools a relentless crescendo of menace and doubt. A chilling tale of damaged souls, iron wills, and dark obsession. Two strangers--a resourceful ex-soldier and a pregnant doctor--must trust each other to reach safety after their train is swept down a remote mountain by an avalanche. Survival as a team sport."

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