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Chandler Baker got her start ghostwriting novels for teens and tweens, including installments in a book series that has sold more than 1 million copies. She grew up in Florida, went to college at the University of Pennsylvania and studied law at the University of Texas. She now lives in Austin with her husband. Although she loves spinning tales with a touch of horror, she is a much bigger scaredy-cat than her stories would lead you to believe.

Genres: Mystery, Young Adult Romance, Young Adult Fiction

Chandler Baker recommends
Reputation (2019)
Sara Shepard
"A modern murder mystery that exposes our deepest fears about how vulnerable we are to the parts of ourselves we hide online. As the secrets pile up, Shepard writes her calculating anti-heroines with sharp clarity, daring the reader to keep pace alongside her. I, for one, was breathless."
Pretty Things (2020)
Janelle Brown
"A can't-look-away story of and for our generation, Pretty Things combines a spellbinding setting with dark, slippery secrets to expose what we've always known--or maybe just hoped--to be true about the gilded lives presented in our social media feeds. Janelle Brown is a literary powerhouse."
East Coast Girls (2020)
Kerry Kletter
"With lush prose and poignant reflections on fate, forks in the road, and the power of female friendships, East Coast Girls is a book whose pages demand to be both snuck in under the covers late into the night and savored. I've already made a permanent place for it right beside Judy Blume's Summer Sisters in the bookshelf of my heart."
The Boys' Club (2020)
Erica Katz
"Fast, sharp and utterly compulsive, The Boys' Club hit me right where I live in the most satisfying way possible. Erica Katz writes a wildly juicy story of office politics with the rare warmth and empathy of a true insider."
The Girl from Widow Hills (2020)
Megan Miranda
"With Hitchcockian flair, Megan Miranda shrewdly examines what becomes of the people at the center of those rare, sensational news stories that capture the nation’s attention. The Girl from Widow Hills gave me the creeps in the best way possible."
The Comeback (2020)
Ella Berman
"Raw and nuanced...slices straight down to the nerve. A chilling exposé unfolding in real time--I dare anyone to read it without squirming in suspense and in recognition."
In Case of Emergency (2020)
E G Scott
"A smart whodunit that brims with human insight about the surprising ways in which we heal and the importance of coming face-to-face with our role in the trajectory of our lives. In Case of Emergency is a fast-paced volley of a story batted back and forth between a cast of entertaining characters, all while stylishly concealing more than a few tricks up its proverbial sleeve."
Madam (2021)
Phoebe Wynne
"Imagine if Donna Tartt and Margaret Atwood got together to write a creepy, suspenseful novel about a school for young women in the Scottish Highlands. The result is Madam, a book I couldn't for the life of me put down. Brooding and unsettling, Wynne paints a gorgeous picture that only serves to camouflage the dark secrets she's hidden within."
The Girls Are All So Nice Here (2021)
Laurie Elizabeth Flynn
"With The Girls Are All So Nice Here, Flynn takes the insecurities that come with being a young woman and sharpens them into a deadly point. I read open-mouthed as Amb navigated the complex social calculus of her worlds right up until that stinging kick of a final chapter left me breathless."
Just One Look (2021)
Lindsay Cameron
"Lindsay Cameron has penned a relentlessly gripping and cunning tale of the new Pandora’s box—the inbox. Just One Look had me promising myself just one more chapter, just one more page, just one, until—oops—I was done."
The Hunting Wives (2021)
May Cobb
"Perfectly executed and deliciously satisfying. Loaded with rowdy women, smart twists, and refreshing spice, this one hits the bullseye."
The Neighbor's Secret (2021)
L Alison Heller
"The Neighbor's Secret is the rare thriller that actually leaves you feeling better about humanity. Buoyant and big-hearted, I had zero self-control when it came to inhaling chapters to uncover each delicious new secret. This will be an easy book to recommend to everyone I know--an absolute crowd pleaser!"
Wish You Were Gone (2021)
Kieran Scott
"Equal parts murder mystery and complex relationship drama, Scott builds her house of cards with a steady hand using dirty secrets and tangled histories. I was holding my breath until not just the last page, but the last paragraph."

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