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Jennifer was born in Toronto, which is where she spent the first three decades of her life. When her husband was offered a transfer to Seattle, she didn't know which would be worse: leaving Canada or moving to the West coast. She spent her first few months on American soil bemoaning her existence and writing her first novel. Now nicely settled in the Pacific Northwest, the only thing she misses — other than family and friends — is snow.A member of International Thriller Writers, she's always been drawn to dark fiction, even though she sleeps with the lights on when her husband isn't home.

Genres: Mystery, Thriller

Serial Killer Files
   1. Creep (2011)
   2. Freak (2012)
   3. The Butcher (2014)
Anthony Awards Best Novel nominee (2019) : Jar of Hearts

Jennifer Hillier recommends
You (2014)
(You , book 1)
Caroline Kepnes
"Intense and deeply disturbing, You is a dark story told in a fresh voice, and an addictive read from beginning to end. Being inside Joe Goldberg’s head was both a thrill and a nightmare, and yet I didn’t want to wake up. I look forward to more from the very talented Caroline Kepnes."
Give Up the Dead (2017)
(Jay Porter, book 3)
Joe Clifford
"Joe Clifford's propulsive third installment starring Jay Porter, a flawed but surprisingly thoughtful and self-aware protagonist, kept me turning the pages long into the night."
A Beautiful Poison (2017)
Lydia Kang
"The perfect blend of mystery, history, and science, Lydia Kang’s A Beautiful Poison is an entertaining read from beginning to end. A classic whodunnit with a touch of dark humor, Kang’s first adult novel will hopefully not be her last."
Watch Me (2018)
Jody Gehrman
"Jody Gehrman's WATCH ME is a mesmerizing, intimate, and utterly terrifying journey inside the mind of a psychopath and his prey. Sam's obsession with Kate will make you uncomfortable, but you won't be able to look away. Sharp, twisted, and seductive, Gehrman has written the ultimate cat-and-mouse thriller."
Find You in the Dark (2018)
Nathan Ripley
"One heck of an addictive thriller. Find You in the Dark by Nathan Ripley is an original, inventive take on what happens when you go looking where you shouldn’t."
In the Vines (2018)
Shannon Kirk
"Flowers in the Attic meets 'The Tell-Tale Heart' with a dash of Psycho, Shannon Kirk’s In the Vines is as dark, tangled and twisty as the title would suggest. A fascinating portrayal of madness, wealth, and decaying family legacy, Kirk’s superbly crafted gothic thriller will have you gasping the entire way through. This is an insanely good ride into the mind of a madwoman…just remember to hang on, lest you not make it back out."
The Prisoner in the Castle (2018)
(Maggie Hope, book 8)
Susan Elia MacNeal
"Smart, addictive, personal, and propulsive, The Prisoner in the Castle had me riveted from the first page."
Dear Wife (2019)
Kimberly Belle
"Kimberly Belle's DEAR WIFE is a powerhouse psychological thriller, filled with all the twists and turns of a woman crafting herself a new identity while escaping an abusive marriage. Masterfully written, Belle has outdone herself with this thrilling and emotionally complex tale. This one shines."
One Small Sacrifice (2019)
(Shadows of New York, book 1)
Hilary Davidson
"I tore through this book! Hilary Davidson is at the top of her game with this masterful and twisty new novel that’s jam-packed with suspense. Filled with wonderfully diverse characters, breakneck pacing, and surprises at every turn, this modern mystery will thrill even the most old-school crime fiction lovers. This book satisfied me on so many levels."
The Arrangement (2019)
Robyn Harding
"Pretty Woman meets Fatal Attraction, with a twist . . . or three. A riveting look into the world of sugar dating, Robyn Harding's The Arrangement is deliciously seductive from start to finish. Hang on for the ride, because this tantalizing thriller will knock you sideways."
I Know Everything (2019)
Matthew Farrell
"A page-turner from beginning to end. Take a deep breath, and hang on—this relentless thriller will keep you guessing until the very last masterful twist."
Here To Stay (2019)
Mark Edwards
"Mark Edwards is the king of domestic horror."
One Night Gone (2019)
Tara Laskowski
"There is so much to love in Tara Laskowski's One Night Gone. At its core, it's a mystery, and a perfectly paced, well-plotted one at that. But it's also a beautifully lyrical coming-of-age story that depicts the socioeconomic divide of small beach town life, with all the 1980s flavor to go with it. Laskowski is a truly gifted storyteller with that 'X-factor' you look for-but rarely find-in a debut author. Spectacular."
Behind Every Lie (2020)
Christina McDonald
"Christina McDonald’s Behind Every Lie is a layered, gut-wrenching domestic thriller that explores the complexities of mothers and daughters and the secrets families keep. Smart and intense, and with more than enough twists to give you whiplash, McDonald’s beautiful, emotional storytelling will leave you breathless. I don’t think I exhaled until the end."
Follow Me (2020)
Kathleen Barber
"Who hasn’t stalked—I mean, looked up—an old flame, friend, or celebrity on social media? Follow Me is a sharp look at the downfall of inventing better online versions of our own realities. Absorbing, utterly addictive, and possibly the most riveting book I’ve read this year."
The Sun Down Motel (2020)
Simone St James
"Spooky, unsettling, and brilliantly written, The Sun Down Motel is mesmerizing from the first page. A breathlessly suspenseful supernatural mystery that will hook you early, and never let go."
The Wife Stalker (2020)
Liv Constantine
"Keeps you riveted from the first page to that explosive, jaw-dropping twist."
Blacktop Wasteland (2020)
S A Cosby
"Powerful, gritty, and lyrical, S. A. Cosby’s Blacktop Wasteland is the unflinching portrayal of a man who’s deeply aware he needs to make a better life for himself and his family, but can’t ? or won’t. This story is an emotional gut punch, and you’ll find yourself rooting for Beauregard while he’s ripping your heart out. Cosby is a mesmerizing new voice in crime fiction you won’t soon forget. This is literary noir at its finest."
The First to Lie (2020)
Hank Phillippi Ryan
"The First to Lie is a masterfully twisty tale full of all my favorite things: interesting women, family secrets, and well-plotted revenge. Start reading early, because you will tear through the pages of this breathless, keep-you-up-all-night thriller."
The Silent Conspiracy (2020)
(Jack Logan, book 2)
L C Shaw
"Shaw's deft plotting and breakneck pacing set the standard for the modern political thriller."
They're Gone (2020)
E A Barres
"A stunning, dark, evocative thriller."
Bloodline (2021)
Jess Lourey
"I should know better than to pick up a new Jess Lourey book, thinking I’ll just peek at the first few pages and get then back to the book I was reading. Six hours later, it’s three in the morning and I’m racing through the last few chapters, unable to sleep until I know how it all ends. Set in an idyllic small town rooted in family history and horrific secrets, Bloodline is Pleasantville meets Rosemary’s Baby. A deeply unsettling, darkly unnerving, and utterly compelling novel, this book chilled me to the core, and I loved every bit of it."
The Last Thing to Burn (2021)
Will Dean
"This outstanding thriller by Will Dean might be the best book you read this year. THE LAST THING TO BURN is intense, dark, and utterly chilling — I felt this one in my bones."
Every Last Fear (2021)
Alex Finlay
"Jaw-dropping. Every Last Fear is a powerful, standout thriller. Finlay is a masterful storyteller, seamlessly shifting perspectives and timelines to add layers of emotional depth and suspense to this fast-paced, expertly plotted, utterly engrossing novel. Hands down the best thriller I've read this year."
The Dead Husband (2021)
Carter Wilson
"A rich family with shocking secrets in an affluent small town, Carter Wilson's THE DEAD HUSBAND is SUCCESSION meets BIG LITTLE LIES, and I loved every bit of it. This marvelously crafted thriller is the perfect escape, so find a quiet spot and sink in-you'll be glad you did."
The Photographer (2021)
Mary Dixie Carter
"Why create the perfect life when you can just insert yourself into someone else’s? Mary Dixie Carter’s The Photographer is You meets Parasite, and I inhaled every dark, twisted moment of this brilliant thriller. Sharply observant, tense, and totally hypnotic, The Photographer is the most addictive suspense novel I’ve read in years."

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