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A Bertram Chandler

Australia (1912 - 1984)
Father-in-law of Ramsey Campbell

aka S H M, George Whitley

Arthur Bertram Chandler was an Australian science fiction author. He also wrote under the pseudonyms George Whitley, George Whitely, Andrew Dunstan, and S.H.M. He was born in Aldershot, England. He was a merchant marine officer, sailing the world in everything from tramp steamers to troopships. He immigrated to Australia in 1956, becoming an Australian citizen.

He wrote over 40 novels and 200 works of short fiction. He was most well-known for his John Grimes novels and for the Rim World series, which have a distinctly naval flavour.

Genres: Science Fiction
Anthologies containing stories by A Bertram Chandler
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Short stories
The Man Who Sailed the Sky
Giant Killer (1945)
Castaway (1947) (as by George Whitley)
Haunt (1950)
Finishing Touch (1952)
Frontier of the Dark [short story] (1952)
Jetsam (1953)
Shadow Before (1954)
As It Was in the Beginning (1955) (as by S H M)
Moonfall (1955)
Not Quite the Noblest (1956)
The Unharmonious Word (1956)
Artifact (1957)
The Cage (1957)
Drift (1957)
Ghost (1957)
The Half Pair (1957)
Sense of Wonder (1957)
Critical Angle (1958)
Fall of Knight (1958)
Planet of Ill Repute (1958)
What Would You Do? (1958)
What's In a Name? (1958) (as by S H M)
Chance Encounter (1959)
Forbidden Planet (1959)
The Idol (1959)
The Key (1959)
The Man Who Could Not Stop (1959)
Precession (1959) (as by George Whitley)
Wet Paint (1959)
The Word (1959) (as by S H M)
Seeing Eye (1960)
All Laced Up (1961) (as by George Whitley)
Change of Heart (1961) (as by George Whitley)
Long Way (1964) (with Susan Chandler)
The Bird-Brained Navigator (1968)
Last Dreamer (1968)
The Rim Gods [short story] (1968)
The Tin Fishes (1968)
Hall of Fame (1969)
The Kingsolving's Planet Irregulars (1969)
The Soul Machine (1969)
The Rub (1970)
Sea Change (1970)
The Wandering Buoy (1970)
The Mountain Movers (1971)
The Pied Potter (1971)
The Sister Ships (1971)
What You Know [short story] (1971)
The Subtracter (1972)
The Tin Messiah (1972)
With Good Intentions (1972)
The Last Hunt (1973)
The Hairy Parents (1975)
The Sleeping Beauty (1978)
Journey's End (1979)
Grimes and the Great Race (1980)
The New Dimension (1981)
Hindsight (1989)
Man Alone (1989)

Books about A Bertram Chandler
A. Bertram Chandler (1985) by Gordon Benson
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