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David R Bunch

(David Roosevelt Bunch)
USA flag (1925 - 2000)

aka Darryl R Groupe

David R. Bunch (1925 - May 29, 2000) was an American poet and a writer, mostly known for his surrealist science fiction.

Genres: Science Fiction
Anthologies containing stories by David R Bunch
Short stories
How Xmas Ghosts are Made
Routine Emergency (1957)
In the Jag-Whiffling Service (1959)
In the Complaints Service (1960)
Riders of Thunder (1960)
In the Empire (1961)
Our House (1961)
The Problem Was Lubrication (1961)
A Small Miracle of Fishhooks and Straight Pins (1961)
The Time Saviour (1961)
Awareness Plan (1962)
On the Sunniest Day (1962)
The Survey Trip (1962)
Somebody up There Hates Us (1963)
2064, or Thereabouts (1964) (as by Darryl R Groupe)
The College of Acceptable Death (1964)
Keeping It Simple (1964)
Let Me Call Her Sweetcore (1964)
They Never Come Back From WHOOSH! (1964)
Training Talk (1964)
A Vision of the King (1964)
Investigating the Bidwell Endeavors (1965)
The Escaping (1967)
Incident In Moderan (1967)
That High-Up Blue Day That Saw the Black Sky-train Come Spinning (1968)
Any Heads at Home (1969)
In a Saucer Down for B-Day (1969)
In the Time of Disposal of Infants (1969)
Training Talk No. 12 (1972)
Unwarranted Departure (1972)
Up to the Edge of Heaven (1972)
Breakout in Ecol 2 (1973)
Moment of Truth in Suburb Junction (1973)
Please Help! Save Our Bugs and Pile Our Birds (1981)
First Day, First Job, Girl (1983)
From the Fishbowl (1984)
Control (1993)
The Soul Shortchangers (1993)

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