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Nelson S Bond

(Nelson Slade Bond)
USA flag (1908 - 2006)

Nelson S Bond was an American author who wrote extensively for books, magazines, radio, television and the stage. The 1998 recipient of the Nebula Author Emeritus award for lifetime achievement, Bond was a pioneer in early science fiction and fantasy.
Anthologies containing stories by Nelson S Bond
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Short stories
Mr Mergenthwirker's Lobblies [short story] (1937)
The Voice from the Curious Cube (1937)
The Einstein Inshoot (1938)
The Man Who Walked Through Glass (1938)
F.O.B. Venus (1939)
The Monster from Nowhere (1939)
Pilgrimage (1939)
The Genius of Lancelot Biggs (1940)
Johnny Cartwright's Camera (1940)
Lancelot Biggs Cooks a Pirate (1940)
Lancelot Biggs, Master Navigator (1940)
The Madness of Lancelot Biggs (1940)
The Scientific Pioneer Returns (1940)
The Abduction of Abner Greer (1941)
The Bookshop (1941)
The Downfall of Lancelot Biggs (1941)
The Fountain (1941)
Honeymoon in Bedlam (1941)
Magic City (1941)
Prescience (1941)
The Remarkable Talent of Egbert Haw (1941)
Take My Drum to England (1941)
Where Are You, Mr Biggs? (1941)
Al Haddon's Lamp (1942)
The Bacular Clock (1942)
The Cunning of the Beast (1942)
The Ghost of Lancelot Biggs (1942)
The Love Song of Lancelot Biggs (1942)
The Magic Stair-Case (1942)
Mr Biggs Goes to Town (1942)
The Return of Lancelot Biggs (1942)
Union in Gehenna (1942)
The Ordeal of Lancelot Biggs (1943)
Saint Mulligan (1943)
The Master of Cotswold (1944)
The Mask of Medusa (1945)
Conquerors' Isle (1946)
Dr Fuddle's Fingers (1946)
The Gripes of Wraith (1946)
Socrates of the South Forty (1946)
Much Ado About Pending (1947)
Last Inning (1948)
Bird of Prey (1949)
The Enchanted Pencil (1949)
The Five Lives of Robert Jordan (1949)
My Nephew Norvell (1949)
Petersen's Eye (1949)
The Ring (1949)
The Song (1949)
The Sportsman (1949)
Uncommon Castaway (1949)
And Lo! the Bird (1950)
The Pet Shop (1950)
The Spinsters (1950)
To People a New World (1950)
The Devil to Pay (1951)
This Is the Land (1951)
Vital Factor (1951)
The Dark Door (1952)
A Rosy Future for Roderick (1952)
Down Will Come the Sky (1953)
Button, Button (1954)
The Last Outpost (1954)
Life Goes On (1954)
The Silent Planet (1954)
Final Report (1958)
Pipeline to Paradise (1995)