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Fredric Brown

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Fredric Brown was an American science fiction and mystery writer. He was one of the boldest early writers in genre fiction in his use of narrative experimentation. While never in the front rank of popularity in his lifetime, Brown has developed a considerable cult following in the almost half century since he last wrote. His works have been periodically reprinted and he has a worldwide fan base, most notably in the U.S. and Europe, and especially in France, where there have been several recent movie adaptations of his work. He also remains popular in Japan.

Never financially secure, Brown - like many other pulp writers - often wrote at a furious pace in order to pay bills. This accounts, at least in part, for the uneven quality of his work. A newspaperman by profession, Brown was only able to devote 14 years of his life as a full-time fiction writer. Brown was also a heavy drinker, and this at times doubtless affected his productivity. A cultured man and omnivorous reader whose interests ranged far beyond those of most pulp writers, Brown had a lifelong interest in the flute, chess, poker, and the works of Lewis Carroll. Brown married twice and was the father of two sons.

Genres: Mystery, Science Fiction
Anthologies edited
Anthologies containing stories by Fredric Brown
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Short stories
Vengeance Fleet
Armageddon (1941)
Not Yet the End (1941)
The Star Mouse (1941)
Etaoin Shrdlu (1942)
The New One (1942)
Runaround (1942)
     aka Starvation
And the Gods Laughed [short story] (1943)
The Angelic Angleworm (1943)
Daymare (1943)
The Geezenstacks (1943)
The Hat Trick (1943)
Nothing Sirius (1943)
Paradox Lost [short story] (1943)
Arena (1944)
Pi in the Sky (1944)
The Yehudi Principle (1944)
The Waveries (1945)
Placet is a Crazy Place (1946)
Knock (1948)
All Good BEMs (1949)
Come and Go Mad (1949)
Crisis, 1999 (1949)
Gateway to Darkness (1949)
Letter to a Phoenix (1949)
Mouse (1949)
Entity Trap (1950)
     aka From These Ashes
Honeymoon in Hell [short story] (1950)
The Last Martian (1950)
The Last Train (1950)
Man of Distinction (1950)
Obedience (1950)
Dark Interlude (1951) (with Mack Reynolds)
The Dome (1951)
The Joke Cartoonist (1951) (with Mack Reynolds)
     aka Garrigan's BEMs
Something Green (1951)
The Weapon (1951)
A Word from Our Sponsor (1951)
Me and Flapjack and the Martians (1952) (with Mack Reynolds)
Hall of Mirrors (1953)
Keep Out (1953)
Rustle of Wings (1953)
Answer (1954)
Blood (1954)
Daisies (1954)
Experiment (1954)
Naturally (1954)
Pattern (1954)
Politeness (1954)
Preposterous (1954)
Reconciliation (1954)
Search (1954)
Sentence (1954)
Sentry (1954)
Solipsist (1954)
Voodoo (1954)
First Time Machine (1955)
Imagine: a Proem (1955)
Jaycee (1955)
Millennium (1955)
Too Far (1955)
Expedition (1956)
Unfortunately (1958)
Nasty (1959)
Abominable (1960)
Contact (1960)
     aka Earthmen Bearing Gifts
Granny's Birthday (1960)
The House (1960)
Recessional (1960)
Bear Possibilty (1961)
Bright Beard (1961)
Cat Burglar (1961)
Dead Letter (1961)
Death on the Mountain (1961)
The End (1961)
Fatal Error (1961)
Fish Story (1961)
Great Lost Discoveries I-Invisibility (1961)
Great Lost Discoveries II-Invulnerabilty (1961)
Great Lost Discoveries III-Immortality (1961)
Hobbyist (1961)
Horse Race (1961)
The Little Lamb (1961)
Murder in Ten Easy Lessons (1961)
Nightmare in Blue (1961)
Nightmare in Gray (1961)
Nightmare in Green (1961)
Nightmare in Red (1961)
Nightmare In Time (1961)
Nightmare in White (1961)
Nightmare in Yellow (1961)
Rebound (1961)
The Ring of Hans Carvel (1961)
Rope Trick (1961)
Second Chance (1961)
The Short Happy Lives of Eustace Weaver I (1961)
The Short Happy Lives of Eustace Weaver II (1961)
The Short Happy Lives of Eustace Weaver III (1961)
Three Little Owls (1961)
Aelurophobe (1962)
Puppet Show (1962)
Double Standard (1963)
It Didn't Happen (1963)
Ten Percenter (1963)
Eine Kleine Nachtmusik (1965) (with Carl Onspaugh)

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