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James Grady

USA flag (b.1949)

aka James Dalton, Brit Shelby

James Grady has published more than a dozen novels, a handful of short stories, and worked in both feature films and television. His first novel, Six Days of the Condor, was made into a classic Robert Redford movie. Grady's been both U.S. Senate aide and a national investigative reporter. Grady's writing honors include France's Grand Prix du Roman Noir (2001) and Italy's Raymond Chandler Medal (2003). He has two children, lives with his wife inside Washington, D.C.'s beltway.

Genres: Mystery, Thriller, Science Fiction
James Grady recommends
Bull Mountain (2015)
(Bull Mountain, book 1)
Brian Panowich
"The resurgence of American heartland noir gets a strong new prose soldier with Brian Panowich's debut novel Bull Mountain, a tense, multi-generational tale of life on the hard side, a cops vs. bad guys story with subtly interwoven family sagas, romance and redemption. Panowich is a rising author to watch."
Vern in the Heat (2016)
Rob Pierce
"Rob Pierce is one of the more imaginative literary voices in our new emerging era of noir."
The Second Girl (2016)
(Frank Marr, book 1)
David Swinson
"David Swinson steps into the mean streets of American fiction with an unforgettable character, Frank Marr, and that journey takes readers into realities most people never see. The Second Girl is a non-stop drive through American crime, punishment and even an alley or two of justice. It's bracing to see fiction created by an author who paid his dues to learn our hidden truths."
Shining City (2017)
(Peter Rena, book 1)
Tom Rosenstiel
"Tom Rosenstiel takes readers behind the clichés and curtains of Washington power politics . . . This is a fascinating novel about how justice is shaped in the United States that couldn't be more timely."
True Fiction (2018)
(Ian Ludlow, book 1)
Lee Goldberg
"Ian Ludlow is one of the coolest heroes to emerge in post-9/11 thrillers. A wonderful, classic yet modern, breakneck suspense novel. Lee Goldberg delivers a great story with a literary metafiction wink that makes its thrills resonate."
The Consultant (2018)
(Jonathan Hunter Thriller, book 1)
Tj O'Connor
"Tj O'Connor is that rare thriller writer with both talent and street time in the worlds he rockets us readers through. O'Connor’s stories will pull you in and race you through plots that come from behind the headlines in our crazy world."
Firefly (2018)
(Paul Samson, book 1)
Henry Porter
"Firefly accomplishes what too few novels today even try to do: this engrossing chase story of terrorism, spies and refugees takes the reader through the realities of our current war-torn world’s innocents even as the novel entertains. This is an important thriller about the real world we all must survive."
Record Scratch (2018)
(Trevor Galloway, book 2)
J J Hensley
"Hensley goes beyond cliches to the heart of his fictions and his characters, delivers stories worth your time."
McGarvey (2020)
(Kirk McGarvey, book 25)
David Hagberg
"Hagberg edges out Tom Clancy for commander of our uniquely American, military based thrillers and espionage novels: high-concept plot, non-stop action, insider knowledge of how things work out there in our complicated, high-combat world."
False Light (2021)
Eric Dezenhall
"No one knows the world of damage control better than Eric Dezenhall. His portrait of what a savvy operator can do in a crisis is as real as this vehicle for talking about the battles between good and evil. You'll feel like you're reading or watching an exposé on national television or getting to see the whole truth of what our real world doesn't tell you. Highly entertaining and informative."
Paradise Cove (2022)
(Roscoe Conklin Mystery, book 2)
Davin Goodwin
"Davin Goodwin is a rising voice in crime fiction."
December '41 (2022)
William Martin
"William Martin is one of the best fictional interpreters of history working today. His DECEMBER, '41 reveals the world-changing era that pulled the U.S. into wars and struggles that continue to shape all our lives well into the 21st Century. He reports it all, the heroes and villains, the fallen and the forlorn, the struggles of human beings across the global for freedom."
No Home for Killers (2023)
E A Aymar
"In his new book No Home for Killers, E. A. Aymar blends Shakespearian tragedy with street savvy for an engrossing and entertaining novel like none other. Lies, secrets, betrayals, and delightfully whacky humor, plus the trials of romance, fill Aymar's novel. No Home for Killers takes on the killers of our era - big money, horrors against women, racism, and personal guilt - with classic noir's cool eye. E. A. Aymar is a benchmark in noir fiction."
Shadow State (2023)
Frank Sennett
"Frank Sennett's debut thriller Shadow State is a ticking-clock conspiracy racing through the heartland of America and the perimeters of power where truth and justice are often a longshot."

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