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For thirteen years, author Lowen Clausen served on the Seattle Police force. His firsthand experience as a beat cop adds depth and authenticity to the protagonists and to the gripping situations he explores. In each of his novels-First Avenue, Second Watch, and now, Third & Forever-readers witness not only the dedicated efforts of law officers to apprehend criminals, but also the context in which events unfold. Neighborhoods are places brought to life with realistically drawn citizens and community bonds. Police officers are human beings with doubts, blind spots, and a passion for justice-justice, at least, as they see justice. Predators are not so much clever at eluding the law as they are shrouded by circumstance. And finally, the victims in each drama are people whose fate and faces drive the stories forward. Clausen's novels have been praised for their evocative, memorable writing. As one reviewer said about the conclusion of his first novel: "Perfect, absolutely perfect." In addition to his work as a writer, Lowen Clausen is a business owner in Seattle's Ballard District. He is a native son of St. Paul, Nebraska, where he and his wife spend much of their time.
Seattle trilogy
   1. First Avenue (1999)
   2. Second Watch (2003)
   3. Third and Forever (2004)
   River (2008)

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