Patti Callahan

A pseudonym used by Patti Callahan Henry

Genres: Historical, Inspirational
Patti Callahan recommends
The Last Garden in England (2021)
Julia Kelly
"Julia Kelly’s captivating novel, The Last Garden in England, is as immersive as it is enchanting...Historical fiction at its very best."
The Family Ship (2021)
Sonja Yoerg
"With both wit and wonder, Sonja Yoerg navigates The Family Ship through choppy waters. This novel is completely immersive and highlights the enduring power of story in both our lives and our families. Yoerg’s prose and imagination are the strong currents that bring this fabulous tale to life."
The Personal Librarian (2021)
Marie Benedict and Victoria Christopher Murray
"An intimate and extraordinary conversation with the past. As Belle da Costa Greene achieves her dreams by forsaking an identity, we wonder if we would or could do the same to irrevocably alter the literary world and our family. A novel abundant with culture, art, literature, and romance—the beauty and recklessness of love are revealed with astonishing clarity."
The Forest of Vanishing Stars (2021)
Kristin Harmel
"A powerful and compelling masterpiece, a significant story for our present time."
The Orphan Witch (2021)
Paige Crutcher
"Paige Crutcher’s debut THE ORPHAN WITCH is an enthralling and mystical journey into the heart of her wildly inventive characters. A page-turning story that transports and bewitches, Crutcher knows her magic well. For fans of Alice Hoffman and Deborah Harkness, this debut is imbued with the beauty of myth, lore and legend. Crutcher is a dazzling new voice in fantasy."
The Secret of Rainy Days (2021)
Leslie Hooton
"The Secret of Rainy Days is a coming-of-age novel that is both deeply moving and beautifully crafted . Witty and charming, The Secret of Rainy Days is a gem."
The Last Checkmate (2021)
Gabriella Saab
"From the strategic opening move of The Last Checkmate, I was in the grip of an unforgettable story. Vivid prose and heart-stopping scenes, Saab unfolds the story like her protagonist plays chess, with cunning wit and brilliant strategy. Gabriella Saab’s debut is immersive, smart, and haunting—a do-not-miss WWII historical novel."
The Wedding Veil (2022)
Kristy Woodson Harvey
"Kristy Woodson Harvey weds history and modern day into a fascinating and astonishing marriage. With Harvey's signature charming and heartfelt prose, The Wedding Veil explores love in all its dazzling facets across four generations and two families. When Julia Baxter is ready to don the fabled family veil and walk down the aisle, she begins to question its mythological influence. Where did the veil and its power originate, and what could it possibly mean for her family and her love? Seeking answers to the extraordinary mystery of the Vanderbilt's lost heirloom, Harvey unveils the past to bring truth to the future. Including an unrivaled and elegant Biltmore setting, The Wedding Veil is enchanting, surprising and Harvey at her story-telling best."
Lost and Found in Paris (2022)
Lian Dolan
"Reading Lian Dolan is like sitting next to a delightful and hilarious friend with a fine glass of champagne as she regales you with her enthralling adventures. Witty and ravishing, with an intriguing mystery, a grand love story and a quick-witted heroine, Lost and Found in Paris is magnificent."
Darling Girl (2022)
Liz Michalski
"A captivating question quivers at the center of the engrossing novel, Darling Girl: What if Peter Pan isn't just a story? While meeting the Peter Pan you never knew, reading Darling Girl is like falling under the enchanting spell of Liz Michalski prose. As with all true magic, there must be both the seductive darkness and the illuminating light: Michalski masterfully gives us both. Darling Girl introduces us to the Darling family decades away from Wendy and Peter, descendants who are grappling with secrets that protect a family mythology and a boy who will never grow up. With a young girl and her fiercely protective mother at the center of a spellbinding story, Darling Girl is powerful and captivating. Neverland and the reader will never be the same again."
The Magic of Lemon Drop Pie (2022)
Rachel Linden
"The Magic of Lemon Drop Pie is an enchanting tale about the one thing we've all imagined: a magical second chance. Rachel Linden expertly mixes romance, mystery and family-drama into a delicious recipe of a story. When Lolly is given three lemon drops, each a chance to do one day in her life over again, she sets off on an adventure that is as charming as it is exciting. With her trademark warmth, Linden delivers a captivating story with a magical heartbeat at its center."

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