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Patti Callahan

A pseudonym used by Patti Callahan Henry

Genres: Historical, Inspirational
   Becoming Mrs. Lewis (2018)
   Surviving Savannah (2021)
   Once Upon a Wardrobe (2021)
Patti Callahan recommends
Kinfolk (2023)
Sean Dietrich
"Dietrich is an author who understands the hidden landscape of a soul."
Daughters of Victory (2023)
Gabriella Saab
"From the strategic opening move of The Last Checkmate, I was in the grip of an unforgettable story. Vivid prose and heart-stopping scenes, Saab unfolds the story like her protagonist plays chess, with cunning wit and brilliant strategy. Gabriella Saab's debut is immersive, smart, and haunting--a do-not-miss WWII historical novel."
When We Had Wings (2022)
Ariel Lawhon, Kristina McMorris and Susan Meissner
"Three fierce women from differing backgrounds come together in the Philippines during World War II to unwillingly be thrust into the chaos of evil that will blast their worlds apart. Lawhon, McMorris, and Meissner seamlessly blend three nurses' stories and secrets with one deft and immersive storytelling voice. When We Had Wings asks the important question--how do we know what we can become until we must become it?--and answers it with a resounding novel of suspense, courage, and grand love. Based on the true story of the first female prisoners of World War II, When We Had Wings is thrilling, riveting, and deeply felt; a do-not-miss historical fiction masterwork."

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