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Kristina McMorris lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and their two sons, bundles of energy who take pride in transforming any cylindrical household object into a weapon. To date, McMorris's works of fiction have garnered more than twenty national literary awards and two nominations for the highly coveted Golden Heart®. A workshop presenter and active member of several writers' organizations, she holds a B.S. in International Marketing with a language concentration from Pepperdine University. Having been saved as a newborn by Seattle Children's Hospital, she is also an advocate of many charitable causes for children's health and wellbeing. For her diverse accomplishments, she has been named one of Portland's "Forty Under 40" by The Business Journal.

Genres: Historical, Romance
Kristina McMorris recommends
The Dressmaker's Dowry (2017)
Meredith Jaeger
"Meredith Jaeger deftly intertwines two tales of love and loyalty and the vast lengths to which some will go to protect those they hold dear. A compelling debut novel that sent me racing to its final, revealing pages."
Girls on the Line (2018)
Aimie K Runyan
"Once again Aimie K. Runyan shines a much-deserved spotlight on unsung female heroes in history. Set during the First World War, Girls on the Line follows the arduous journey of an army telephone operator forced to navigate a world of codes and spies and the complexities of love. Brimming with strong women who are easy to root for, this story of loyalty and sacrifice make for an inspiring, heartfelt read."
The Wartime Sisters (2019)
Lynda Cohen Loigman
"A stirring tale of loyalty, betrayal, and the consequences of long-buried secrets."
Cartier's Hope (2020)
M J Rose
"From the very first page, Cartier’s Hope plunges the reader into the fascinating world of New York jewelers, journalists, and high society at the dawn of the Gilded Age. With her signature elegance and attention to detail, M.J. Rose weaves a twisting tale of greed, revenge, and masked identities that put love and lives at risk. A fast-paced historical novel that shines with as much intrigue and mystery as the Hope Diamond itself."
The Queen's Fortune (2020)
Allison Pataki
"Allison Pataki is a masterful historical author at the top of her game. From the very first lyrical lines of The Queen’s Fortune, I was wholly swept into the entrancing world of Desiree Clary Bernadotte. Painstaking research and page-turning prose placed me directly at the side of this remarkable yet lesser-known figure, journeying from innocent girlhood to seasoned royalty, a survivor of guillotine threats, palace politics, and strains of the heart. I absolutely loved this book from beginning to end."
The Last Train to Key West (2020)
Chanel Cleeton
"A wonderfully transportive summer read!"

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