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WillCarver is the author of three Crime Thriller novels featuring Detective Inspector January David - GIRL 4 and THE TWO. The third, DEAD SET will be published in 2013. (Century/Arrow.) A string of jobs followed graduation including a cinema usher, coffee shop barista, video store clerk, bartender, clothes washer and driver for a documentary crew, eventually leading, somehow, into the lowest position possible within an IT company. All the time trying to write a play or novel.

Five years later, and several rungs up the IT ladder, he was made redundant and took this as the opportunity to write. All day. Every day.
When his first novel - a black comedy - was not taken up, one publisher suggested his writing style would suit a thriller. Six month later, Girl 4 was finished. Four months after that he was signed to Random House for three books. He is currently writing the fourth. (And still working on that play.) His early years were spent in Germany but he returned to the UK aged eleven where his sporting career began to flourish. He turned down a professional rugby contract to study a Theatre and Television degree at King Alfreds, Winchester, where he also set up his own successful Theatre Company. He hoped to become a playwright and theatre director.

Genres: Mystery
January David
1. Girl 4 (2011)
2. The Two (2012)
3. Dead Set (2013)