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Vanessa Lillie is originally from Miami (Mi-am-MUH), Oklahoma, and studied English at Rockhurst University in Kansas City, MO, before moving to Washington, D.C. While there, she was lucky enough to join the local chapter of Romance Writers of America and credits much of what she knows about thriller writing to romance authors.

Now living in Providence, Rhode Island with her husband and dinosaur aficionado four-year-old son, she's smitten with the smallest state, and enjoys organizing book events and literary happenings in the city's robust creative community.

Genres: Mystery
New Books
October 2023

Blood Sisters
   Little Voices (2019)
   For the Best (2020)
   Young Rich Widows (2022) (with others)
   Blood Sisters (2023)
Vanessa Lillie recommends
Midnight Is the Darkest Hour (2023)
Ashley Winstead
"Woe unto the preacher's daughter, or at least that's what you might think navigating the dark and broody twists of Ashley Winstead's spellbinding latest, Midnight is the Darkest Hour. Prepare yourself (if you can) for serpents of the Deep South gospel slithering into a beautifully rendered Twilight fever dream-like all of Ashley's incredible books, you won't be able to turn the pages fast enough."
And Then She Fell (2023)
Alicia Elliott
"And Then She Fell is an unblinking look at the complex and often terrifying journey of new motherhood and what we're told we should want, with moving insights into connecting with our ancestors and our own identity. Alicia Elliott is a powerful storyteller, and this book is both suspenseful and heartfelt, with haunting elements that linger long after the final page is turned."
The Revenge List (2023)
Hannah Mary McKinnon
"A page-turning journey toward some truly shocking moments and deeply compelling characters."
Lacie's Secrets (2022)
Tullan Holmqvist and Teresa Sorkin
"Don't miss the enthralling Lacie's Secrets, another compelling thriller from Sorkin and Holmqvist. Set in a summer home off the coast of Maine, the sprawling estate becomes the harbinger of secrets, old and new, leading to shocking twists and haunting turns."
The Family Plot (2021)
Megan Collins
"The Family Plot is true crime meets house of horrors with incredibly twisted & fascinating characters. All the complicated family dynamics and vivid writing you expect from a Megan Collins thriller, but with a true crime twist. I could not put it down!"
I Don't Forgive You (2021)
Aggie Blum Thompson
"The truth won't stay hidden, even in the leafy suburbs of Washington D.C. in the fast-paced and riveting debut, I Don't Forgive You by Aggie Thompson. Life in the Capitol is richly drawn as the propulsive plot rockets the reader through dark secrets that won't stay hidden and shocking twists that reveal things can always, always get worse."

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