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Annette Broadrick was born on November 26. Her mother read to her until she read to herself. From that time on, books became her closestcompanions and teachers. She was an only child until the middle of her 16thyear when her sister was born.

She married immediately after high school graduation in the middle of her18th year. Twelve months later she had her first son. She ended up havingfour sons in seven years. People with children do not need to explain whattheir life was like for the next 20 years. Those people without children donot want to hear about it. Early on, she became a secretary to supplementthe family income. Eventually she became a legal secretary and for 25 yearsshe worked for attorneys in Arizona, Texas, Illinois, and Oregon.

Her love of books followed her throughout her career as a mother and asecretary. By the time her youngest son graduated from high school shedecided to write a book of her own. After writing in a spiral notebook forsix months, she rented a typewriter and rewrote the book, showed it to acreative writing teacher, who was also a friend, listened to her critiqueand rewrote her story. Next she showed it to another avid romance reader andcarefully listened to her critique. She rewrote her story once again. Nextshe mailed the manuscript to the Silhouette office in New York. Two monthslater she received a phone call asking if she'd be willing to do extensiverevisions, including cutting one hundred pages. She said yes. This was inJanuary 1984. By the time the book, Circumstantial Evidence, came out inNovember of that year, she had sold a total of six books.

Since October 1984 Annette has supported herself with her writing. Hercareer as a published author has also supported her reading habit and in thepast five years she has managed to establish a quiet life in the HillCountry of central Texas that soothes as well as stimulates her. She hopesto continue writing the kind of books that readers enjoy.

Genres: Romance, Romantic Suspense
   1. Choices (1986)
   2. Heat of the Night (1986)
   1. That's What Friends (1987)
   2. Come Be My Love (1988)
   1. Irresistible (1989)
   2. A Love Remembered (1989)
   3. The Gemini Man (1991)
   4. Where There Is Love (1992)
Sons of Texas
   1. Love Texas Style! (1992)
   2. Courtship Texas Style! (1992)
   3. Marriage Texas Style! (1992)
   4. Temptation Texas Style! (1994)
   5. Rogues and Ranchers (1996)
   6. Callaway Country (2000)
Daughters of Texas
   1. Megan's Marriage (1996)
   2. Instant Mommy (1996)
   3. The Groom, I Presume? (1996)
Secret Sisters
   1. Man in the Mist (2003)
   2. Too Tough to Tame (2003)
   3. MacGowan Meets His Match (2003)
Crenshaws of Texas
   1. Branded (2004)
   2. Caught in the Crossfire (2004)
   3. Double Identity (2005)
   4. Danger Becomes You (2005)
   5. Man from Stallion Country (2008)
   Provocative Peril (1985)
   Unheavenly Angel (1986)
   Strange Enchantment (1987)
   Made in Heaven (1987)
   Adam's Story (1987)
   Mystery Lover (1987)
   Momentary Marriage (1988)
   With All My Heart (1988)
   A Touch of Spring (1988)
   Christmas Magic (1988)
   Married? (1990)
   Impromptu Bride (1994)
   But Not for Me (2002)
   The Man Means Business (2006)
   Married Or Not? (2007)
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Omnibus editions
   Wild Lady / Circumstantial Evidence / Island on the Hill (1990) (with Dixie Browning and Ann Major)
   Silhouette Christmas Stories 1988 (1990) (with others)
   Summer Dreams (1991)
   Solution Marriage (1993) (with Debbie Macomber and Heather Graham Pozzessere)
   Silhouette Summer Sizzlers 1994 (1994) (with Justine Davis and Jackie Merritt)
   Undercover Lovers (1994) (with Mary Lynn Baxter and Kathleen Korbel)
   Missing Memories (1995) (with Mary Lynn Baxter and Paula Detmer Riggs)
   Silhouette Summer Sizzlers (1995) (with Justine Davis and Jackie Merritt)
   Help Wanted--Angel! (1995) (with Justine Davis and Christine Rimmer)
   Wanted: Mother (1996) (with Ginna Gray and Raye Morgan)
   Runaway Brides (1996) (with Debbie Macomber and Paula Detmer Riggs)
   Destined for Love (1998) (with Heather Graham and Kathleen Korbel)
   Do You Take This Man? (1998) (with Elizabeth Bevarly and Diana Palmer)
   The Man She Married (1999) (with Emma Darcy and Ann Major)
   A Mum for Christmas (1999) (with Lindsay Longford and Helen R Myers)
   Daughters of Texas (2000)
   Love Child (2000) (with Justine Davis)
   Maximum Marriage (2000)
   Matters of the Heart (2001) (with Ann Major and Pamela Morsi)
   Take 5, Volume 4 (2001) (with Mary Lynn Baxter and Tess Gerritsen)
   Secret Agent Groom (2002)
   At Her Service (2002) (with Marie Ferrarella)
   Western Rogues (2002) (with Cathy Gillen Thacker)
   Snowy Nights (2003) (with others)
   Man in the Mist / Practice Makes Pregnant (2004) (with Lois Faye Dyer)
   Branded / Fire Still Burns (2004) (with Roxanne St Claire)
   Expecting! / MacGowan Meets His Match (2004) (with Susan Mallery)
   Double Identity / Sleeping Arrangements (2005) (with Amy Jo Cousins)
   Conveniently Married (2005) (with Jackie Merritt)
   Verdict / What's A Dad to Do? / Father Factor (2005) (with Lilian Darcy and Charlotte Douglas)
   Memories of You (2006) (with Kate Stevenson)
   Man Means Business / Devlin and the Deep Blue Sea (2007) (with Merline Lovelace)
   Men Made In America Mega-Bundle 2 (2007) (with others)
   Ian's Ultimate Gamble / Married or Not? (2008) (with Brenda Jackson)
   Married or Not? / Ian's Ultimate Gamble (2008) (with Brenda Jackson)
   One-Click Buy: January 2009 Silhouette Desire (2009) (with others)
   His Virgin Wife (2010) (with Diana Palmer and Cathy Gillen Thacker)
   Billionaires Fake Engagement / Man from Stallion Country (2010) (with Robyn Grady)
   Totally Tempting (2011) (with Mary Lynn Baxter and Peggy Moreland)
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