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Sarah Mayberry was born in Melbourne, Australia, and is the middle of three children. From the time that she first stole paper from kindergarten and stapled it together to make books, Sarah has always wanted to be a writer. In line with this ambition, on graduation from high school she completed a bachelor of arts degree majoring in professional writing, then sat down to write a book. When inspiration didn't strike, she began to wonder if, perhaps, she needed to live some life first before writing about it.

Sarah is revoltingly happy with her partner of twelve years, Chris, who is a talented scriptwriter. Not only does he offer fantastic advice and solutions to writing problems, but he's also handsome, funny and sexy. When she's not gushing over him, she loves to read romance and fantasy novels, go to the movies, sew and cook for her friends. She has also become a recent convert to Pilates, which she knows she should do more often.

Genres: Romance
   One-Click Buy: June Harlequin Blaze (2008) (with Marie Donovan, Leslie Kelly, Jennifer LaBrecque, Rhonda Nelson and Lori Wilde)
   Hot City Nights (2008) (with Sandra Marton and Emilie Rose)
   One-Click Buy: April 2009 Harlequin Blaze (2009) (with Abby Green, Carrie Hudson, Penny Jordan, Kimberly Lang, Anne McAllister, Jule McBride, Julie Miller, Trish Morey, Carole Mortimer, Anne Oliver, Tawny Weber and Lori Wilde)
   Exotic Summer Nights (2009) (with Jill Marie Landis, Jo Leigh, Emilie Rose and Cathy Yardley)
   One-Click Buy: January 2010 Harlequin Blaze (2009) (with Tori Carrington, Julie Kenner, Jo Leigh, Kathleen O'Reilly and Tawny Weber)
   Her Secret Fling / Sexy Ms. Takes (2010) (with Jo Leigh)
   Callum / She's Got it Bad (2010) (with Kate Hoffmann)
   Amorous Liaisons / Naked Ambition (2010) (with Julie McBride)
   Cody / Below the Belt (2010) (with Kimberly Raye)
   The Charmer / Her Secret Fling (2010) (with Kate Hoffmann)
   Surprise: Outback Proposal / A Natural Father (2010) (with Jennie Adams)
   A Summer Reunion (2011) (with Kasey Michaels and Teresa Southwick)
   A Bride for the Island Prince / The Last Goodbye (2012) (with Rebecca Winters)
   Edge of Forever / A Natural Father (2012) (with Sherryl Woods)
   More Than One Night / Royal Holiday Bride (2012) (with Brenda Harlen)
   Quinn's Woman / Home for the Holidays (2012) (with Susan Mallery)
   Suddenly You / His Larkville Cinderella (2012) (with Melissa McClone)
   The Christmas Wedding Quilt (2013) (with Janice Kay Johnson and Emilie Richards)
   Out of hours...Office Affairs (2014) (with Kate Hewitt and Nicola Marsh)
   Love Me Always (2014) (with Anne McAllister)
   By Request Collection (2015) (with Natalie Anderson, Helen Brooks, Aimee Carson, Maureen Child, Maggie Cox, Lilian Darcy, Christina Hollis, Kimberly Lang, Day Leclaire, Marion Lennox, Melanie Milburne, Sarah Morgan, Elizabeth Power, Heidi Rice and Kate Walker)
   Secret Affairs (2015) (with Natalie Anderson and Chantelle Shaw)
   After-Hours Negotiation (2015)
   By Request Collection Part 2 (2015) (with Natalie Anderson, Maureen Child, Kathie DeNosky, Susan Meier, Melanie Milburne, Elizabeth Power, Tessa Radley, Chantelle Shaw and Kate Walker)
   A Steamy Little Christmas (2015) (with Kat Latham)
   Romance In Paradise (2017) (with Avril Tremayne and Joss Wood)
   Postcards From Paris (2018) (with Andy Brock and Amanda Cinelli)
   Postcards From... and Brides Babies And Billionaires (2019) (with Sarah M Anderson, Rachel Bailey, Karen Booth, Andie Brock, Amanda Cinelli, Lucy Gordon, Lynne Graham, Jennifer Hayward, Stefanie London, Annie O'Neil, Chantelle Shaw, Rachael Thomas and Maisey Yates)
   Postcards From... Collection (2019) (with Andie Brock, Christ, Amanda Cinelli, Lucy Ellis, Bella Frances, Lucy Gordon, Lynne Graham, Jennifer Hayward, Stefanie London, Jennie Lucas, Chantelle Shaw, Rachael Thomas and Maisey Yates)
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Sarah Mayberry recommends
Past Tense (2010)
(Sophie Turner Mystery, book 1)
Samantha Hunter
"Compelling, intelligent characters... A gripping paranormal mystery."

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