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Laurel Hightower lives in Lexington, Kentucky, the land of horses and bourbon, with her husband, son, and a rescue Pitbull. She is the author of Whispers in the Dark, Crossroads, and Below, and has more than a dozen short fiction stories in print.

Genres: Horror
New and upcoming books
February 2024

The Devil's Backbone
   Whispers in the Dark (2018)
   Silent Key (2023)
   The Day of the Door (2024)
   Every Woman Knows This (2023)
   The Devil's Backbone (2024) (with Ronald Kelly and Red Lagoe)
Novellas and Short Stories
   Crossroads (2020)
   Below (2022)
Anthologies edited
   We are Wolves (2020) (with Gemma Amor and Cynthia Pelayo)
   Shattered & Splintered (2022) (with James Sabata)
   The Dead Inside (2022) (with Sandra Ruttan)
Laurel Hightower recommends
The Redemption of Morgan Bright (2024)
Chris Panatier
"The Redemption of Morgan Bright is a gorgeous mystery. A layered maze that grants access to the darkness yet shows the reader only enough to put one foot in front of the other as they delve ever deeper into dread. Beautifully told and with perfect pacing, Chris Panatier unveils each piece with deliberation and care, building to a series of jaw-dropping reveals and an ending I never saw coming. This is horror that hits on every level, crafted with an expert hand. I absolutely loved it."
This Wretched Valley (2024)
Jenny Kiefer
"Jenny Kiefer takes one of the most intriguing and horrific mysteries of the last century - the Dyatlov Pass incident - and pushes beyond our worst imaginings. An isolated valley and ominous small-town warnings set the stage for a skillful and bone-chilling tale of isolation and the limits of human endurance. Kiefer skillfully weaves historical horror into a modern-day setting, and the result is a deliciously adrenaline-laden nightmare. A fantastic debut that keeps all its promises."
Grasshands (2024)
Kyle Winkler
"Grasshands fulfills the promise of the term 'mindbending' in ways drugs never could. Prose and dialog that are effortlessly engaging, horror that builds in an almost absurdist fashion making the dread that much more effective when it drops. And oh, how it drops. More than the sum of its parts - and damn, those parts are impressive on their own - Grasshands is a vehicle for experiencing the human condition, the ultimate drive for horror. I'll be thinking about it for a long, long time."

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Anthologies containing stories by Laurel Hightower
Broken Olive Branches (2024)
edited by
Stephanie Rabig
Never Wake (2023)
An Anthology of Dream Horror
edited by
Kenneth W Cain and Tim Meyer
This World Belongs to Us (2023)
An Anthology of Horror Stories about Bugs
edited by
Michael W Phillips Jr

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