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Hugo award winner Sarah Gailey lives and works in Los Angeles, California. Their nonfiction has been published by Mashable and the Boston Globe, and their fiction has been published internationally. They are a regular contributor for and Barnes & Noble.


Genres: Science Fiction

Nebula Awards Best Novella nominee (2018) : River of Teeth

Sarah Gailey recommends
The Uploaded (2017)
Ferrett Steinmetz
"Steinmetz has crafted a brilliant, original world in this all-too-possible story of life, death, and legacy. The Uploaded is a wild ride from start to finish, and asks the reader to examine what exactly it is that they are leaving behind - and what they're headed toward."
The Hollow Girl (2017)
Hillary Monahan
"The Hollow Girl is required reading: a tour de force of female power, craft, and emotion."
Sawkill Girls (2018)
Claire Legrand
"Reader, hang on for dear life. Sawkill Girls is a wild, gorgeous, and rich coming-of-age story about complicity, female camaraderie, and power."
Miranda in Milan (2019)
Katharine Duckett
"With gorgeous prose and an unflinching understanding of the characters she's been given, Duckett has crafted a deeply satisfying finish to the story Shakespeare started telling."
The Luminous Dead (2019)
Caitlin Starling
"A harrowing, merciless descent into the human psyche. Starling's prose is breathtakingly cinematic and left me without a molecule of spare oxygen. This book will catch you by the ankles and drag you backwards into a terrifying and inescapable reality. Read this one with all the lights on."
The Return (2020)
Rachel Harrison
"The Return is a sharp, refreshing book about the mortifying ordeal of being known. This is a book that understands how terrifying a lasting friendship can truly be; Harrison brilliantly highlights the way friendships can tether a person to their worst memories, their worst selves, and their worst nightmares."
You Let Me In (2020)
Camilla Bruce
"You Let Me In is a relentless, heartbreaking exploration of isolation, grooming, and the cycles of abuse that pursue the vulnerable. The Pepper Man is terrifying on levels that will stay with you long after you've put the book down, crawled into bed, closed your eyes, and told yourself that everything is going to be okay."
The Southern Book Club's Guide to Slaying Vampires (2020)
Grady Hendrix
"Grady Hendrix has cemented his place as a literary luminary with The Southern Book Club's Guide to Slaying Vampires. Hendrix has taken his genuine affection for housewives and their work, and folded it seamlessly into a horrifying story of social decay and community betrayal. Cancel your plans and lock your doors -- you won't be able to stop reading this one until the very end."
Mexican Gothic (2020)
Silvia Moreno-Garcia
"A gorgeous piece of work . . . Absolutely terrifying, and it has stayed with me in a powerful way."
The Bright Lands (2020)
John Fram
"I am stunned—I haven't been able to step away from this book since I started it. An earnest, thoughtful exploration of the monstrosity inherent in our American myths surrounding masculinity and sexuality, The Bright Lands is a kind of horror I've never seen before. Fram's done something exquisite here."
Savage Legion (2020)
(Savage Rebellion, book 1)
Matt Wallace
"Savage Legion is the epic fantasy the genre has been waiting for!"
Ring Shout (2020)
P Djèlí Clark
"Ring Shout is a sublime work of revolutionary body horror."
Last Night at the Telegraph Club (2021)
(Last Night at the Telegraph Club)
Malinda Lo
"Lo has really outdone herself here. I don't think I can overstate how refreshing it is to read queer historical fiction that is so complex, nuanced, and tender. It's my opinion that this book will quickly become a new touchstone of the genre of queer literature. What an accomplishment."
One Last Stop (2021)
Casey McQuiston
"One Last Stop is a simply stunning book. It's tender and honest at every turn. Reading this book healed something in me that I didn't know was hurting, and fed something in me that I didn't know was hungry. It's perfect, perfect, perfect."
Revelator (2021)
Daryl Gregory
"Revelator is a brilliant, dark examination of glorious horror and horrific glory. A monstrous, hypnotic tale of worship, devotion, and family secrets—I'll be thinking about this one for a long time."
A Dark and Starless Forest (2021)
Sarah Hollowell
"Hollowell’s crafted something as intricate and complex and painful and beautiful as a life. This story is completely saturated with love and rage and yearning. It is, quite simply, a triumph."
A Lot Like Adios (2021)
Alexis Daria
"As always, Alexis Daria has delivered a perfectly-balanced romance that's my ideal combination of sweet and spicy. I love the Primas of Power and can't wait to see where they go next!"
Squad (2021)
Lisa Sterle and Maggie Tokuda-Hall
"Squad is monstrously delightful and delightfully monstrous. This book is transformative, healing, and deeply powerful."
Our Crooked Hearts (2022)
Melissa Albert
"A story as thrilling, alluring, and harrowing as the magic it describes . . . This is a book that draws the reader in so cleverly, you won't think to ask how deep the water is until it's too late. An instant favorite."

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