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Nathan Hill's short fiction has appeared in many literary journals, including The Iowa Review, AGNI, The Gettysburg Review, and Fiction, where he was awarded the annual Fiction Prize. A native Iowan, he lives with his wife in Naples, Florida. THE NIX is his first novel.

Genres: Literary Fiction
Nathan Hill recommends
White Fur (2017)
Jardine Libaire
"Each page crackles with the intensity, fury, lust, and pure insane pleasure of first love. Jardine Libaire has written a chronicle of one couple's wild romance: its highs and lows, its delights and contractions, its beauty and its messiness. A delight to read."
The Locals (2017)
Jonathan Dee
"There could not be a more timely novel then The Locals...A vital book."
Motherest (2017)
Kristen Iskandrian
"MOTHEREST is a moving Intensely perceptive...[the]narrator is an extraordinary character...You will want to yell at her, as I did, and you will want to cry with her, as I did, and you will be transfixed until the very last page."
The Immortalists (2018)
Chloe Benjamin
"A beautiful, compassionate, and even joyful novel. Chloe Benjamin has written an inspiring book that makes you think hard about what you want to do with the time you're given. This is not really a book about dying - it's a book about how to live."
Lake Success (2018)
Gary Shteyngart
"A trip through the American wasteland - from the people who have too little, to the people who have too much. Incredibly smart, incredibly funny, incredibly tragic, and therefore incredibly human, this is the perfect novel for these dysfunctional times."
Lost Empress (2018)
Sergio de la Pava
"A hilarious, smart, and madcap novel that occupies the porous border between comedy and drama, science and philosophy, story and dream, grim reality and pure imagination. A singular achievement. I've never read anything like it."
The Dependents (2018)
Katharine Dion
"The Dependents is a brilliant and absorbing novel that's not afraid to ask the big questions: What is the source of happiness? How do we recover from loss? How much do we really know about the people we love? This is a masterly portrait of grief written by an author of enormous sensitivity and insight."
Invitation to a Bonfire (2018)
Adrienne Celt
"The way Adrienne Celt so completely inhabits the voices and lives of her characters is an amazing thing to behold. A dazzling stylist and a powerful writer, she has given us a rich, tapestried story of love, loneliness, and betrayal."
The Altruists (2019)
Andrew Ridker
"It’s frankly a little unfair that a writer so young should be this talented. Not only does Andrew Ridker have a sharp eye for the absurdities and contradictions of 21st century America, but he also delivers a heartfelt and compassionate story about a family shattered by loss, now finding their awkward way back to each other. I cared so much for these people, their traumas and betrayals, their public humiliations and private failures. The Altruists is a truly remarkable debut."

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