William Stuart Long

A pseudonym used by Vivian Stuart

Violet Vivian Finlay was born on January 2, 1914. Although Vivian is well-known by her first husband's surname, Stuart, that she used to signmany of her books, she re-married a second time, using the name of Mann. Vivian passed away in August, 1986, at 72.

She was a prolific writer from 1953 to 1986 under diferent pseudonyms: Vivian Stuart, Alex Stuart, Barbara Allen, Fiona Finlay, V.A. Stuart, William Stuart Long and Robyn Stuart. Her novel, *GayCavalier* published in 1955 as Alex Stuart got her into trouble with her Mills & Booneditors when she featured a secondary story line featuring a Catholic male and Protestant female who chose to marry. This so-called "mixed marriage"touched nerves in the United Kingdom.

In 1960, she founded the Romantic Novelists' Association and also was the first elected Chairman (1961-1963).

Genres: Historical
   1. The Exiles (1979)
   2. The Settlers (1980)
   3. The Traitors (1981)
   4. The Explorers (1982)
   5. The Adventurers (1983)
   6. The Colonists (1984)
   7. The Gold Seekers (1985)
   8. The Gallant (1986)
   9. The Empire Builders (1987)
   10. The Seafarers (1988)
   11. The Nationalists (1989)
   12. The Imperialists (1990)

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