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A pseudonym used by Tamar Cohen

Tammy Cohen (who was previously published under her formal name Tamar Cohen) is a freelance journalist. A late starter to fiction - and to other things besides - she has now written four novels:The Mistress's Revenge, The War of the Wives, Someone Else's Wedding, and The Broken. Now embarking on psychological suspense, Dying for Christmas is her first Yuletide chiller to be published October 2014. She is a Writer in Residence at Kingston University and lives in North London with her partner and three (nearly) grown children, plus one very badly behaved dog. Follow her on Twitter @MsTamarCohen

Genres: Mystery
Tammy Cohen recommends
The Book of Mirrors (2017)
E O Chirovici
"An elegant, gripping, multi-layered tale about the illusory nature of truth and memory. I loved it."
Rattle (2017)
(DS Fitzroy, book 1)
Fiona Cummins
"Sharp, moving and wholly original. Rattle is a breath of fresh air."
The Night Visitor (2017)
Lucy Atkins
"Clever, multilayered and morally murky."
Give Me the Child (2017)
Mel McGrath
"You won’t want to eat, sleep or blink."
Anatomy of a Scandal (2018)
Sarah Vaughan
"A whip-smart, grown-up thriller with a hugely relevant moral question at its core."
The Daughter (2018)
Lucy Dawson
"Gulped this down in a single sitting. Believable characters, intriguing central hook and a plot that hurtles along until the final page."
Bitter (2018)
Francesca Jakobi
"A moving, powerful story of love, obsession, guilt, lies and the lengths we'll go to for a second chance."
Our Kind of Cruelty (2018)
Araminta Hall
"Addictive and disturbing - like watching a slow motion car-crash through splayed fingers."
The Cliff House (2018)
Amanda Jennings
"Beautifully written, richly evocative, with characters and setting that creep into your very bones."
The House Swap (2018)
Rebecca Fleet
"Creepy, compelling and all too plausible."
Take Me In (2018)
Sabine Durrant
"Gripping, chilling, perfectly nuanced. No one does creepy moral ambiguity quite like Sabine Durrant."
Give Me Your Hand (2018)
Megan Abbott
"What THESE black shadows under my eyes? Why they're courtesy of Give Me Your Hand. SO UNBEARABLY TENSE."
All the Hidden Truths (2018)
(DI Helen Birch, book 1)
Claire Askew
"Emotionally engrossing, morally challenging, horribly topical."
The Rise and Fall of Becky Sharp (2018)
Sarra Manning
"A lacerating, witty take-down of modern manners in the Instagram era. Bright, beautiful and gloriously Machiavellian, Becky Sharp is the anti-heroine we deserve."
The Day of the Accident (2018)
Nuala Ellwood
"A dark, intense, multi-layered thriller that twists and turns until the last page."
A House of Ghosts (2018)
W C Ryan
"Spooks, spies, seances, things that go bump in the night - A House of Ghosts has it all. A tremendously enjoyable, ingeniously-plotted take on the haunted house mystery. Best read before dark!"
Miss Marley (2018)
Vanessa Lafaye
"An exquisite little jewel of a book in which heartbreak and hope twist around each other like the stripes of a Christmas candy cane. Brava Vanessa Lafaye and Rebecca Mascull."
The Rumour (2018)
Lesley Kara
"Pssst, have you heard... #TheRumour is a cracking thriller about the damage that idle gossip can wreak in a small town. I thought I had the twist worked out. Boy was I wrong!"
To Catch a Killer (2019)
Emma Kavanagh
"A real white-knuckle ride of a thriller that packs a big emotional punch. This is top class crime writing."
The Museum of Broken Promises (2019)
Elizabeth Buchan
"Uplifting and sad and passionate and poignant."
Our Little Cruelties (2020)
Liz Nugent
"The finest psychological thriller writer currently at work."
Seven Lies (2020)
Elizabeth Kay
"Seven Lies is the perfect psych thriller - smart, dark and morally ambiguous. I loved it."
Heatstroke (2020)
Hazel Barkworth
"A scorching tale of obsession, betrayal and the wounds that mothers and daughters inflict on each other in the name of love."
The Second Marriage (2020)
Gill Paul
"An intoxicating mix of glamour, scandal and fascinating insight into the lives of two of the twentieth century’s most iconic women – and the man they both loved."
Girl A (2021)
Abigail Dean
"Girl A packs a hell of a punch. Stark, shocking, heartbreaking but never, ever mawkish, I powered through it."
The End of Men (2021)
Christina Sweeney-Baird
"Moving, thought-provoking and terrifyingly prescient."
Tall Bones (2021)
Anna Bailey
"Smart and compassionate, full of poetry and rage and shy hopes and shredded dreams and missing girls and family secrets and the dark, shameful underbelly of small town life."
A Narrow Door (2021)
(Malbry, book 4)
Joanne Harris
"A complex, chilling mystery full of shifting truths and dark corners where the unburied past lies in wait."
The Key in the Lock (2022)
Beth Underdown
"Atmospheric, dark and compelling: an exquisitely crafted mystery."
The Herd (2022)
Emily Edwards
"Gripping, thought-provoking, moving and oh-so-topical, The Herd tackles the most divisive parenting issue of our age with skill and compassion. Fans of Jodi Picoult will DEVOUR it."
Sorry Isn't Good Enough (2022)
Jane Bailey
"Richly-textured, compelling, emotionally complex. Squeezes your heart until the very last page."
The Clockwork Girl (2022)
Anna Mazzola
"Evocative, chilling, compelling."
Just Got Real (2022)
Jane Fallon
"Witty, smart, topical and full of heart...the sun-lounger smash of the summer."
End of Story (2023)
Louise Swanson
"Inventive, original, moving. END OF STORY has a unique premise and a heart-wrenching drop-the-book twist."
Looking Glass Sound (2023)
Catriona Ward
"Complex, compelling, deeply unsettling."
The Girls of Summer (2023)
Katie Bishop
"Smart, tense and on-the-nose about shame and coercion and the way we force our own painful histories into a narrative we can live with."

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