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Born and raised on the east coast, Suzanne moved to California when she was fifteen. She currently lives in Laguna Beach with her husband, their two kids, a Cockapoo named Cooper, and a cat named Martha. They own a restaurant in town called Lumberyard, (

Prior to becoming an author, Suzanne was an architect specializing in residential and commercial design.

Genres: Literary Fiction
Suzanne Redfearn recommends
Say Never (2014)
Janis Thomas
"Janis Thomas does it again! Say Never is laugh-out-loud funny and chock full of heart."
All the Acorns on the Forest Floor (2020)
Kim Hooper
"All the Acorns on the Forest Floor is a stirring series of stories interwoven by the common threads of human frailty and the complexities of relationships. Poignant and poetic, the characters of these stunning vignettes are guaranteed to haunt and inspire long after the last page is turned."
A Frenzy of Sparks (2020)
Kristin Fields
"A Frenzy of Sparks is a thoughtful exploration of family, heartache, and ultimately, carrying on. Set in the sixties in Queens—a time and place of intense transformation—Kristin Fields deftly tells the heartrending story of what addiction does to a family and exposes the dark underbelly of suburbia. Powerful and poignant—I didn’t want to leave the pages of this masterfully crafted book."
The Hidden Soldier (2021)
Eoin Dempsey
"The Hidden Soldier is a poignant page-turner that will leave you breathless. Gorgeously written, Eoin Dempsey carries you back in time and inserts you into the heart of this tragic, pivotal moment in history. Part thriller, part love story, I was completely enthralled from beginning to end."
The Light Through the Leaves (2021)
Glendy Vanderah
"Glendy Vanderah’s love for nature shines through in this captivating story about love and loss and carrying on in the face of tragedy. Bursting with extraordinary moments of magic and beauty, it is an enchanting story that tugged at my heartstrings from the very first page and did not let go."
Take What You Can Carry (2021)
Gian Sardar
"Take What You Can Carry is a beautifully crafted, heartrending portrait of the disparate worlds of America and Kurdistan in the 1970s woven together with an epic love story that is rich, tragic, compelling, and realized with deep care and insight. Powerful and moving."
No More Words (2021)
(No More, book 1)
Kerry Lonsdale
"Full of suspense, romance, and drama, No More Words is a powerful story about what it means to be a family. Emotional and honest, it tells the story of three siblings each dealing with demons from the past. I fell in love with all three Carson children and look forward to the second and third installments of this series. Kerry Lonsdale is a master storyteller of family drama, and this is Lonsdale at her best."
What's Left Unsaid (2021)
Emily Bleeker
"What’s Left Unsaid is a compelling novel about two women from different times both with lives defined by unfathomable losses. A story of love and redemption and staggering on even when it feels impossible. Emily Bleeker is a masterful storyteller, and I found myself completely lost in the pages of this remarkable book."
The Singing Trees (2021)
Boo Walker
"The Singing Trees is a beautifully crafted coming-of-age story set in working class Maine during the seventies, a time of intense turmoil and transformation in America. It is a heartfelt, complex tale of chasing your dreams without forsaking your roots, and I was swept away by Boo Walker’s deft storytelling and incredibly complex characters. Soulful but also full of sharp dialog and humor, The Singing Trees is exactly the sort of book you get lost in then mourn when it is over."
Write My Name Across the Sky (2021)
Barbara O'Neal
"Write My Name Across the Sky is an exquisitely crafted novel of three remarkable women from two generations grappling with decisions of the past and the consequences of where those young, impetuous choices have led. A heartfelt story of passion, devotion, and family told as only Barbara O’Neal can."
A Day Like This (2021)
Kelley McNeil
"Masterfully crafted and wonderfully original, A Day Like This is storytelling at its best, leaving you with the tingly what-if feeling that keeps you wondering about the story and the possibilities for your own life long after the last page is turned."
The Taste of Ginger (2022)
Mansi Shah
"The Taste of Ginger is a captivating novel about a young woman caught between cultures?that of her birthland, India, and America, the place she immigrated to as a child. This beautifully crafted story takes the reader on a journey into another world through the eyes of someone who both belongs and doesn't. Heartrending and complex, it is an honest look into what it feels like to be different and to search for identity and a sense of belonging while struggling between assimilation and tradition - the plight of any immigrant. The Taste of Ginger is a book everyone should read."
When We Let Go (2022)
Rochelle B Weinstein
"When We Let Go is a story about a woman who needs to learn how to let go of regret and open her heart to the prospect of loving openly and fully again before she can move on from an unfathomable loss. This heartrending story grabbed hold of my soul and didn't let go. Beautifully crafted, it was impossible not to be carried along on this remarkable journey of healing and self-forgiveness."
Beyond the Moonlit Sea (2022)
Julianne MacLean
"Beyond the Moonlit Sea brilliantly intertwines myth and science to create a stunning story full of romance and intrigue that had me on the edge of my seat from the first page to the last. Julianne MacLean is a master storyteller, and this riveting page-turner might be her best work yet."

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