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Sarah Moss is a novelist, travel writer and academic, teaching in the University of Warwicks Writing Programme and living, for now, in West Cornwall.

Genres: Literary Fiction, Historical
Non fiction
   Scott's Last Biscuit (2005)
   The Frozen Ship (2006)
   Chocolate (2009) (with Alexander Badenoch)
   Spilling the Beans (2009)
   Names for the Sea (2012)
Sarah Moss recommends
The Glass Woman (2019)
Caroline Lea
"Memorable and compelling. A novel about what haunts us - and what should."
The Mercies (2020)
Kiran Millwood Hargrave
"The most interesting historical fiction speaks of the time of writing as much as of its subject . . . The Mercies shows us the patriarchal fear of women's strength and reason."
Hamnet (2020)
Maggie O'Farrell
"Grief and loss so finely written I could hardly bear to read it."
Sharks in the Time of Saviours (2020)
Kawai Strong Washburn
"Sharks in the Time of Saviours is a brilliant novel and one of the most engaging and memorable books I've read this year. Sentences sparkle, the narrative voices remain distinctive and complete, and the deep notes of magic sound under the realism of poverty and loss. I didn't want it to end."
Nervous System (2021)
Lina Meruane
"Nervous System is fast, uncompromising and shimmering with intelligence."
The Child (2021)
Kjersti A Skomsvold
"The Child pays close, intelligent attention to motherhood and art. It's written with memorable precision and love, and I was sorry to finish it."
Cecily (2021)
Annie Garthwaite
"A startling heroine."
Burntcoat (2021)
Sarah Hall
"Burntcoat is a dark and brilliant novel about love, art and fragility in a time of crisis."
Small Things Like These (2021)
Claire Keegan
"Marvellous — exact and icy and loving all at once."
The Colony (2022)
Audrey Magee
"The Colony is a vivid and memorable book about art, land and language, love and sex, youth and age. Big ideas tread lightly through Audrey Magee's strong prose."
Maps of Our Spectacular Bodies (2022)
Maddie Mortimer
"An original and memorable novel written in shimmering prose. The characters stayed with me long after I'd finished reading."
Trespasses (2022)
Louise Kennedy
"Kennedy's writing is beautiful and I will continue to read everything she publishes."
Hearts and Bones (2022)
Niamh Mulvey
"These stories are vivid, memorable and beautifully crafted. I was delighted to discover Niamh Mulvey's work."
Haven (2022)
Emma Donoghue
"Haven is a beautiful and timely novel about isolation, passion and the conflict between obedience and self-preservation. The island setting and the characters stayed with me long after I finished reading."

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