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Anna Stephens is the UK-based author of the Godblind trilogy, a grimdark, epic fantasy feast concerning gods, religious and political warfare, betrayal, love and the end of all things.

She has a BA (Hons) in Literature and a Diploma in Creative Writing, both from the Open University. Anna has previously been published in several small presses over the years

Anna Stephens has worked in a variety of roles over the years, the latest being in corporate communications for an international law firm. She’s currently attempting to be a full-time writer, much to her husband’s amusement. Anna loves all things speculative, from books to film to TV, but if you disagree keep it to yourself as she’s also a second Dan black belt in Shotokan Karate.

Genres: Fantasy, Science Fiction, Horror
New and upcoming books
   1. Godblind (2017)
   2. Darksoul (2018)
   3. Bloodchild (2019)
Songs of the Drowned
   1. The Stone Knife (2020)
   2. The Jaguar Path (2023)
   3. The Dark Feather (2024)
Series contributed to
Warhammer 40,000
   Inferno! Volume 5 (2020) (with others)
   Thunderstrike & Other Stories (2021) (with others)
Warhammer : Age of Sigmar
   Covens of Blood (2020) (with Jamie Crisalli and Liane Merciel)
   Direchasm (2020) (with others)
   Inferno! An Age of Sigmar Collection (2021) (with others)
Anna Stephens recommends
The Surviving Sky (2023)
(Rages Trilogy, book 1)
Kritika H Rao
"The Surviving Sky has some of the most intricate and inventive worldbuilding I've ever had the pleasure to lose myself in, coupled with a story that both examines exactly what it means to be human while daring to ask: what if we were more?"
A Strange and Stubborn Endurance (2022)
(Tithenai Chronicles, book 1)
Foz Meadows
"A very human story, and an unabashed love story, it nonetheless deals with issues around power, parental neglect (or at least ignorance), cruelty, and ambition in a way that never feels forced or supplemental to the main characters as they navigate arranged marriage and a traumatic past."
Man Down (2022)
James Goodhand
"An excellent look at what it means to 'be a man' amid a culture of peer pressure and toxic masculinity while navigating desire and friendship. Loved it."

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Books containing stories by Anna Stephens
Unbound II (2022)
(Unbound , book 2)
edited by
Shawn Speakman
The King Must Fall (2022)
edited by
Sarah Chorn, Adrian Collins and Mike Myers
Grimdark Magazine Issue #24 (2020)
(Grimdark Magazine, book 24)

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