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Jeremy C Shipp

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Jeremy C. Shipp is the Bram Stoker Award-nominated author of Cursed, Vacation, and Sheep and Wolves. His shorter tales have appeared or are forthcoming in over 60 publications, the likes of Cemetery Dance, ChiZine, Apex Magazine, Withersin, and Shroud Magazine. Jeremy enjoys living in Southern California in a moderately haunted Victorian farmhouse called Rose Cottage. He lives there with his wife, Lisa, a couple of pygmy tigers, and a legion of yard gnomes. The gnomes like him. The clowns living in his attic–not so much. His twitter handle is @JeremyCShipp.
Sheep and Wolves (2008)
Gentlemen Of Horror 2008 (2008) (with Jordan M Bobe, Jeff Ezell, Ryan Lacy, Brandon Layng, Matthew Pierce, Dave Rex, Jeremiah Saint and Gregory Solis)
Fungus of the Heart (2010)
Possessed (2011) (with Maria Alexander, Kealan Patrick Burke, Jonathan Maberry, Joe McKinney, Lisa Morton, Joseph Nassise, Scott Nicholson and Simon Wood)
Monstrosities (2013)
Attic Clowns: Complete Collection (2013)
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