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Karl Schroeder

Canada (b.1962)

Schroeder was born September 4, 1962 in Brandon Manitoba. His family are Mennonites, part of a community which has lived in southern Manitoba for over one hundred years.

He moved to Toronto in 1986 to pursue my writing career and married Janice Beitel in April 2001.

Genres: Science Fiction
Karl Schroeder recommends
The Risen Empire (2003)
(Succession, book 1)
Scott Westerfeld
"The Risen Empire is full of relentless and addictive action which is supported by some truly wild ideas. Westerfeld's blend of traditional space opera and cutting-edge speculation makes this a truly twenty-first century SF novel."
Pink Noise (2010)
Leonid Korogodski
"Pink Noise is daring in all the ways that science fiction is supposed to be daring...the most through-going exploration of the posthuman condition that I have read."
The Promise of the Child (2015)
(Amaranthine Spectrum, book 1)
Tom Toner
"One of the most ambitious and epic-scale pieces of worldbuilding I’ve read."
Wilders (2017)
(Project Earth, book 1)
Brenda Cooper
"Wilders is a vision of future America that's by turns exhilarating and terrifying. With a heroine you can genuinely root for and a world that's an all-too-likely outcome of our generation's choices, Wilders is one of the best near-future adventures in years."

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