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Ruthanna Emrys lives in a mysterious manor house in the outskirts of Washington DC with her wife and their large, strange family. She makes home-made vanilla, obsesses about game design, gives unsolicited advice, occasionally attempts to save the world, and blogs sporadically about these things at her Livejournal. She is the author of The Litany of Earth. Her stories have appeared in a number of venues, including Strange Horizons and Analog.

Genres: Horror, Science Fiction
Innsmouth Legacy
   1. Winter Tide (2017)
   2. Deep Roots (2018)
   The Deepest Rift (2015)
   A Half-Built Garden (2022)
Novellas and Short Stories
Series contributed to
Ruthanna Emrys recommends
Liberty's Daughter (2023)
Naomi Kritzer
"I loved Liberty's Daughter. This book offers a different kind of dystopia and a different kind of rebellion against it: a libertarian seastead that has managed to survive forty years while walking smack into all the expected bears, and a kid fighting those bears with all the strength of freedom and agency that the place has accidentally given her ... disturbing, nuanced, and wind-tossed future."
The Affair of the Mysterious Letter (2019)
Alexis Hall
"It's difficult to express my delight in The Affair of the Mysterious Letter without falling back on semi-coherent exclamations that John Wyndam would want to discreetly summarize in gentler language. This book is so far up my alley that I discovered new, non-euclidean corners of the alley that I didn't previously know existed. The world has heretofore suffered from a sad lack of queer consulting sorceresses, prudish-yet-romantic Azathoth cultists, existentially surreal urban planning, and post-colonial Carcosan politics."

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